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Player: Heather
Place of Birth: Moonglow
Class: Ninja
Guild: Order of the Ebon Skull
Personal Data
Aliases: Edda
Race: Human
Age: Early 20's
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown naturally, dyed red
Biographical Data
Residence: Umbra
Former Guilds: Ruby Dragon, Blue Lotus Clan
Marital Status: Widowed
Relatives: Camilla Cain (Sister, idiot) ; Cyrus Cain (Brother, missing); Takumi Fujiwara (Husband, deceased)
Elder status in the Blue Lotus Clan
Stealthiness. Excellent fencing tactics. Mad crazy ninjamancer skills.
Unique Equipment

Edda (ed DUH)

  • {work in progress}



Cassandra Cain was born in Moonglow, but for reasons of their own, her parents gave her up at a very young age. Discovered in Tokuno by an elven family, taken in, and named Edda, she grew up never knowing her real name, or origins. Fairly recently, her sister tracked her down and filled her in on everything she'd wondered for years.

Living in Tokuno, she found a guild called 'The Blue Lotus Clan', and they grew to be a major part of her life, and brought much happiness to her for a while. She learned important lessons from many of the members, who were like family to her. Any superb fighting skills she has were learned from Garrett, who was like a brother to her. She spent a lot of time being immature and avoiding all responsibilities, until an old friend returned from a long journey. They reminisced about old times in Tokuno and felt comfortable together, which led to love and marriage. She discovered an orphaned child, and saved his life. And she was made Elder in the clan, a high honor. So much responsibility at once was an overload for Edda, and she started slowly becoming unhappy. She did not feel as if she was being pushed forward and motivated, which is very important for her to thrive. She was in a rut. After a while, things began to change more and more. The Lotus acquired new allies that Edda did not feel comfortable with. The Shadow Claw arranged marriage was the final straw. She began to act out, and become distanced from her guildmates. So she folded up her uniform and left it in the Lotus teahouse with a letter of resignation. She left her boy in the care of a friend in Blackmarsh, and she neglected her husband.

The first place she could think of to go is to Umbra, to see Kaelthir. In the past, Kaelthir had willingly assisted some of the Blue Lotus members with matters of health, and Edda hadn't forgotten that. Umbra was quite more hospitable than she would have expected. Here, among scattered skulls, black twisted trees, and eerie screeches, she felt safe. She began to adjust, and feel comfortable in Umbra. Her husband, Takumi Fujiwara, joined her there, and they started trying to find a new life and routine.

After just a short time in Umbra, Takumi was captured from a morning hunt in the Fan Dancer Dojo, tortured, and murdered. The head was sent to Edda in a basket. Shocked and heartbroken, Edda began to dedicate all her time to learning from Kaelthir. She is now Kaelthir's apprentice, and lives near Charnel Hill.


She's a little short, pretty average, though. Slim, but muscular from all the training. She has long, straight, blood red hair and big brown eyes. She is not of Tokunan heritage (a common error). She looks her age, early-mid 20's. Her body has a few scars from battle, but none are noticeable when shes wearing a lot of clothes. Her face remains scarfree and otherwise unscathed. She can be very arrogant and is easily bored by conversations not involving her. When she is not standing off, looking bored, she is usually smirking and being rude or sneaky. On her right wrist she wears a bracelet made from dark blue hair.

Other Information

  • She is Kaelthir's apprentice
  • She has an adopted son that does not currently live with her.

Ninja Tales

  • Edda's Diary[1]
  • The Infected[2]
  • Fujiwara Wedding Album[3]
  • Elder Status[5]
  • Losing Lotus[6]
  • Takumi's Death[8]
  • Pyre Ritual Vision [9]
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