Humanis Voice
The Three Months Catch-Up Issue

Sosaria's Economics                  pg2

Humanis Rally                           pg3

Sosarian News                          pg4

Humanis Poster                         pg5

Basics of the Game                    pg6

The Regency Elections               pg8

The Crisis in Minoc                   pg9

Holiday Greetings from Humanis                                                     pg10

Past Issue                               pg11

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Three long drawn out months filled with innuendo and ground shattering changes have been lived since the last Humanis Voice. Spies and lies have passed from guild to guild, the ground under the foundations of Human culture has begun to falter but do not fear! We have not forgotten our faithful believers, those who pick up our work and know it for truth. The Humanis Voice will continue to report the TRUTH.
A spy dressed as a necromancer stalks the newly created Eclipsed Sun tavern.
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