The Basics
Sword represents the cardís attack value. It is the attribute used when making an attack or being the aggressor in a duel. Metios has an attack value of 3.

Shield represents the cardís defence. It is the attribute used when defending or being duelled.

Ankh represents the cardís magic. It is the attribute used when attaching spells. The higher the value the more spells that can be attached. Cards that possess this attribute may use it instead of attack or defence when duelled unless otherwise noted.

Faction Honour requirement is the box to the left of cardís center. It represents the amount of honour you must gain before the personality considers joining your faction.

Gold Coin represents the amount of gold that must be payed to bring the personality into play. Personalities that have Personal Honour may be brought into play for -2 gold but do not give the honour gain if payed for in this way. Metios may thus be brought into play for 5 gold but would give 0 honour to BH instead of 1.

Personal Honour is the fan icon and symbolizes the amount of honour that personality brings to your faction when payed for fully.
Strongholds are the HQ for factions, each player starts the game with their Stronghold face up. The Humanis Estates of Magincia represent the Humanis hold over the island and thus translate into the card game with the following stats:
Wall: The rightmost square represents the Strength of all your provinces. The attacking total must be greater than the defending one plus this value in order for the province to be destroyed. The provinces of the Humanis Estates have a value of 5.

Coin: the gold coin represents how much gold your Stronghold can be bowed for. The Humanis Estates produce 4 gold.

Blue Block: The Blue Block represents how much Honour your faction starts with. Being perceived negatively by a majority of the current powers forces the Humanis faction to begin the game with 2 Honour.
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