The Tears of Minoc
The plight of the children of Minoc. Suffering terrible conditions as their Drow overlords push them to death in the mines.
Humanis held a protest against the Drow occupation of Minoc during the month of December. Speakers included Isk the Magnate of humanis, as well as Caelid Antisus a terrified citizen of Minoc.
The protest was attended by various guilds including
OPG which showed up in large numbers, a few TSE as well as Lmt and DRW both of whom quickly moved to dissolve the protest. Though Isk had managed to explain the plight of the Minocians who are under constant oppression in the mines of Minoc (Humanis intelligence suggests they are building underground cave systems to attack cities over water much like they did in Serpentís Hold last year) the magnate was arrested without aggression from himself in a gesture to demonstrate to the crowd the nature of Drow law, militaristic nonsensical punishment.

Artius Windom later lead the protest in Sanctus which was meant to show the danger of the possible marriage which Isilmea and Talon have planned. Isk and Caelid had been in prison for two hours when the protest in Sanctus took on its fiery conclusion.Tough there was much opposition the Humanis message had been heard by a sizable crowd in the city of sin, Sanctus.
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