Humanis Rally in Trinsic
A peaceful demonstration turned violent.
Brought into being by Mazuki, a prominent member of Humanis, the rally had the intent to spread anti-elven sentiments further throughout Trinsic which only days prior to the event brought into being an anti-elven law disallowing ELF from entry into the city.

The furious speech delivered by Mazuki raised the spirits of the Humanis in attendance creating a euphoric high in the saluting and free shouting Humanis. Mazuki was noted as saying
“The elf does not live as we do, instead of innovation it steals what has been made by Humanity and twists it into a new shape.” continuing Mazuki accused the elves of attempting to warp history and human heritage in a plot to break any chance of human hegemony.
Shortly after the speaker stepped down to hand the remainder of the rally over to Mark of H-H the government of Trinsic in conjunction with loyalist forces launched an attack against the demonstrators. At first verbal threats were exchanged until one of the loyalists shot an arrow into the ranks of armed Humanis instigating a bloodbath that was won by H-H marginally.
Condolences go out to those that were mislead into attacking Humanis during this peaceful rall for their ignorance and impetuousness brought upon them a shameful death.
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