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Player: Heather
Place of Birth: Moonglow
Class: Archer/Tamer
Guild: Blackmarsh Empire
Personal Data
Aliases: Cam, Cambear
Race: Human
Age: Early 20's
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Light brown, with golden/yellowy parts.
Hair Color: Very dull/pale blonde
Biographical Data
Residence: Blackmarsh, just south of the tavern
Former Guilds: Army of the Iron Lotus
Marital Status: In a relationship with Azunda Thaumiel
Relatives: Edda (sister); Shinto (nephew); Cyrus (brother)
Animals love her. Shes good with a bow. Pretty good at cooking. Awesome at butter churning and attracting creepy men.
Unique Equipment

Camilla (cah mil lah)

  • {work in progress}



She grew up in Moonglow with her parents and younger brother. He was the trouble maker, and she was the good girl. He was constantly taking the spotlight of her parents' attention with his misbehaving, but she was fine with being alone and quiet. They usually upset her anyways, they were not very nice. She was only allowed to clean and cook and was fine with that for a while. When she grew up a little, she realized she could do more. She became interested in bows, and had very nice accurate shooting. This started a fight between her and her parents, when they found out. The fight brought out the truth, that she had a sister, given up as a baby, who also liked weapons. Extremely angry at the life long secret, she left to find her. Ironically, since leaving home, she still has not done much more then simple everyday, mundane chores, but is happy to have mad archery skills.


She has honey colored eyes, freckles, usually a big cheesy grin. Short fingernails, looks fairly plain. She doesn't wear make up or spend much time on her appearance. She's often accompanied by some kind of animal. She normally wears a floppy hat, muddy boots and a floury apron, along with a skirt and light shirt, usually sleeveless. She is a farm girl. She has golden tan shoulders from working outdoors. She occasionally wears some really cute overalls. When she needs to be tough, she puts on her bear hat. Then shit gets real.

  • Currently pregnant. (If you interact w/her in game, be sure to read her profile for the current size of her tum-tum)

Other Information

  • Her totem spirit (from Barra's ritual) is the Nurturer, Totem of the Lioness.
  • She makes good hot chocolate!
  • She churns butter for Blackmarsh. She invents new flavors all the time. She also milks the cows, and makes pies.
  • She suffered a head injury as a teenager, and now has no sense of taste
  • She occasionally randomly breaks out into song
  • She likes to flirt with men she's not actually interested in. She won't settle for the average joe, no matter how good his butt is.
  • Third photo down, Camzunda [1]
  • She can be self centered, but was always mostly carefree, until Azunda came into the picture. Sometimes she gets obsessive over things that aren't very important. You'll notice the attitude when you interact with her.
  • She smells like delicious baked goods and maybe something flowery. And probably butter.
  • Azunda has brought out a few new traits in her, the main one being wise assery.

Tales of Butter

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  • {Blackmarsh Tales, Vol.5} Camilla's Trouble [5]
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