Humanis Voice Monthly
# 8
The Magincia Issue
The People of Magincia Speak out!  pg2

Political Cartoon of Analeiza            pg3

Mayor Hector                                pg4

Humanis Vs Elf Debate                   pg5

Then and Now, An Essay               pg6

Meet the Humanis                          pg7

Humanis Contest!                          pg8

A page from Rufus Oryan's Book
'Humanity'                                    pg9

Trading Cards                               pg10

Contact us!                                   pg11

The Back Issue                             pg12
What a month!
Humanis has taken Magincia after mayor Hector was elected into power.
After much planning with relevance to creating a trade base and an active political power structure a dark cloud set above the city. Seems the King has allowed the Elves to take our land. An odd thing seeing how his own rule was rejected by the populace.
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