Humanis Debate Against Elf
Isk's Speech:
The elf king will no doubt try to implement ideas of equality into your minds he will say, the virtues dictate that we must be compassionate to all creatures. What has compassion given us in our present day? Should we be compassionate to the orcs that have taken Yew Fellucia from us? Should we be compassionate to the elves that are now taking Yew Trammel?! No.
The virtues no longer apply to the situation. Ever since the heralds became an arm of the Regency the voice of the common man was taken.
Humanity had lost its tongue to the elf lovers. Presently all the virtues are swept under the rug so that the elves can bask in a world that lacks Justice. There is plenty of sacrificing going on.. Don’t get me wrong, humanity is sacrificing its lands at a rapid pace. I doubt this is what Lord British thought of when he made it a virtue.
The root of the problem lies not in human folly, no. It lies with the elven infiltration into our organizations. Let us begin.

-Elven obsession with beauty
-Elves need people to remind them of their appearance because they are shallow. This is why they spend hours on their appearance. There is no Humility in the elven heart.

-Elves have common bond to snakes.
-When paying attention to the Elven language it is easy to discover the overuse of the
S’ sounds.
-Elves always lie, another thing that binds them to the snake myths. They have a forked tongue and hide their deceit under good intentions. They slither into good company and
slowly bend the populace into servitude. 
  -An example of this is Stormhaven, which is ruled by a woman with elven blood
   And the House of the Gauntlet, which is also ruled by a woman of elven blood.
  The humans of both guilds allow themselves to be subjugated by rulers they have no racial identity with.
It has come to a point that when someone thinks of goodness they think of elves as all orders of 'light' are run by non-humans.

-The desire to subjugate humans under them is not just manifest in the political and military areas but it is ever visible in the field of love, or false love. The elf wishes to lower humanity by breeding with it. By reducing the purity of human blood and spawning half elves do they grab hold of our finest minds and reduce them to dependent slaves.

Now I will dispel some of the rumours Khyl’Dran advocates on behalf of the elves.
-Elves did not originate on another world nor can they physically ‘leave Sosaria’, that is a myth adopted by elves that wish to make themselves as the Avatar is.
-Elves live long lives, some even live to be nearly a thousand years old. And they always make it known don’t they? How many times have you heard an elf brag out its age? No doubt countless.. But if you ask said elf what he has learned in that lifetime he will not respond with anything remarkable, why? Because the elven mind is slow to learn new things. In fact they learn at one seventh the speed it takes humans to master a knowledge. Hardly a thing to brag about.. An elf’s age, when an elf is twenty, the average human adult age, its brain has developed only to the third age by human standards. Thus an elf would have to be 140 years old to be the mental equivalent of a twenty year old human.

So what is the elf up to in our age?
All one has to do is look at the quantity of elves within Stormhaven, the House of the Gauntlet, the Regency, and even the Ebon Skull and Moonglow to discover that it is the elf that is driving us towards a bloody future. And while we are at each others throats Khyl’Dran’s elven kingdom grows in power and influence... when will we wake up?
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