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Wraiths are eternal undead, they are beings who can enter the Netherworld. Often times they are invisible to the mortal eye and can only be spoken to by means of spirit speak. Some exceptionally powerful wraiths have the ability to manifest in a physical manner. These are the powerful wraiths that are summoned by the Ebon Skull.

Wraiths share common powers and abilities regardless of type of Ethereal Undead they are. All Wraiths can become invisible to the mortal world, in effect stepping into the Netherworld. All Wraiths can commune with their brethren regardless of which side of the Shroud they are currently located as well. Wraiths hate the living so much that they have developed an uncanny knack for detecting their presence. Even those mortals skilled enough to hide or use magic can still be sensed by the angst-filled shades.

Most mortals are ignorant of the Ethereal Undead and assume that one ghost is the same as the other. Necromancers and other scholars know however, that there are various kinds of Wraiths. In some cases it is a simple manner of the Wraith continuing along the same path he once did as a mortal man. In most cases though a Wraith discovers an affinity with certain spiritual abilities and hones them for maximum effect. Following is a listing of several of the known Wraith variants. Take heed, not all of them are known or listed. More than one foolish mage has met an untimely end at the hands of what she thought was a simple restless spirit, but turned out being something else entirely.

On a note concerning Wraiths and Magic: Wraiths are not users of magic, but are allowed to use specific spells if they wish to, as long as they role-play them not as spells, but as natural Wraith Abilities. Some of, but not all of, the examples are:

Recall: Wraiths can step through the Shroud and out again elsewhere.

Teleport: Same as above.

Mark: Needed for recall, Wraiths memorize locations of power to teleport to.

Heal: Wraiths can regenerate their energies or temporary physical state by calling on Oblivion.

Greater Heall: Same as above, only shows refinement in the skill.

Clumsiness/Weakness/Feeblemind: Knowing what a mortal is afraid of or drawn by can allow a Wraith to influence him.

Incognito: This represents the Wraith using his powers to cloud the minds of any who may be searching for him.

Telekinesis: The Wraith reaches out with a slight tendril of invisible Entropic energy and manipulates an object, useful when haunting .

Mind Blast: The Wraith focuses on the mortal's worst fear and floods his mind with it.

Gate: Those Wraiths who were once powerful mages might be able to open a door for others to step through to a different place.

Disciplines of Wraithdom

The following details the levels of power in the Wraith kingdom. Be warned that while the ranks do increase in power, the progression is not only based on skill and strength but on wisdom and knowledge as well. Also be warned that even a mere apparition is still one of the undead and is more than a match for any mortal warrior.

Wraith Deathsworn

This is not actually an undead being, but a mortal who has approached the skull and presented his or her wish to become a Wraith. Thus the mortal has almost no benefits of being in the order, and is watched carefully to see if he or she is worthy. Once they have proved themselves in the eyes of the Wraith Lord, they will be initiated into wraithdom.


A newly unborn"Wraith. These ghosts are just beginning to adjust to their new form and can have trouble controlling their powers at times. During this time all apparitions will have an ongoing quest to prove themselves further to gain all benefits and rewards of being a member of the Wraiths.


Once the ghost has reached this level of power they are considered a full member of the sect, and receive all rewards and benefits and privileges thereof. They are also required to pay tribute to the order at this point as well however. Most of the ghost's time will be spent furthering their preferred skills and serving the order.


After an amount of time has passed the ghost will begin to become much stronger, being a master in at least two of their preferred areas of study. This is where the true power of a Wraith begins to emerge. Their skills refined, the shadow will begin to seek outside knowledge for the sect. However, once becoming more powerful the shadow will be expected to devote more time to the service of the order. It is also at this level that a Wraith becomes eligible to become a guide to apparitions as they first enter wraithdom as well as other special honors described below.


A Wraith to truly be feared. With their skills being refined even further, a specter has almost complete control of its powers in both the mortal and nether realms. A specter must continue to collect valuable information for the order, and by this time may have a few underlings of its own working for it.


A fully developed Wraith has complete control of its powers, and must be a grandmaster in at least three of its specified areas. At this level possessors have been known to control beings with a power second only to daemonic possession, scholars have reached an almost perfect level in the arts of the arcane, and nightblades can create the most powerful poisons known. Mortals shiver at the mere mention of its name.

Special Honors

These titles are reserved for Wraiths who have reached the level of shadow or higher and demonstrate the qualities needed for each position.

Pontifex Nox

Literally translated, this title means the priest of poison. A Wraith in this position is in charge of the brewing and supplying of the deadliest of poisons for the sect. Most often filled by a nightblade, it requires at least a mastery level in alchemy and poisoning. A Wraith in this position still continues to advance in their power as normal.

Wraith Cabalist

A natural leader, the cabalist must be both organized and have superior knowledge of its brethren. It is his or her job to organize hunts and haunts for the sect as well as keep up to date on other events going on around the realm, especially the light bringer gatherings. A Wraith in this position still continues to advance in their power as normal.


The Netherwalker is an ancient Wraith. Only one has ever existed and was known once as a dreaded Wraith Lord. The Netherwalker is a font of ethereal knowledge and aids the Wraith Lord and Harbinger in the role of an Oracle. When a Wraith has questions there are very few that they can turn to who can provide the answers.


The Harbinger is a very powerful Wraith, second to only the sect leader. Chosen specifically by the Wraith Lord, the Harbinger is above all levels of power. It is in charge of the collecting of tribute to the order, assignment of apparitions to their guides, and keeping a record of the Wraith gatherings among other things. The Harbinger also holds a seat on the Ebon Council, the ruling body for the Order of the Ebon Skull.

Wraith Lord

The ruler of the Wraiths. It is said whole armies quiver merely at its terrible presence. Second in power and command only to the Lich Lord Azalin, the Wraith Lord sees over almost all aspects of the sect. It controls the choosing of new souls to be added to the sect as well as holds a seat on the Ebon Council. If an event occurs where the Wraith Lord is destroyed or unable to rule, only the Harbinger can become the new Wraith Lord.

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