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Waterfalls by Cassalett

"Up there, where the water can't reach me." The little boy was smiling. He really was having fun, unlike the rest of us. He started climbing, and soon was at the top; and then he kept going, until

he was far above where the waterfall started. Trying to not act like the adult I was, I decided to follow the kid. The climb proved easier than it looked, and at the top, the view was

breathtaking. The kid looked at me, then looked down, and, laughing, jumped to the pool below. It must have been at least a 30 feet drop. He landed with a big splash, and surfaced, still

laughing. "What the hell," I said, and jumped. I'm back in my cell. The gray walls give me comfort. I get up from my bed, jump as high as I can, do a cartwheel, land in the

corner, and sit with my legs crossed. Back to the waterfall.

Water everywhere; wet, splashing water everywhere. All of a sudden the thought

strikes me: Is this water safe to drink? I swallow a mouthful. It's distilled water, I can tell. Underwater swimming is my specialty. Without surfacing, I go to the wall and get out of the

pool. The air is refreshing.

"Dinner." A plate appears from the slit on my door. This goo is actually not bad. Wait. There was more people... where did

they go? I look around my room. No, wrong place.

They're all hiding up on the trees. "It's almost dark," they yell down at me. "Start a fire." Not a bad idea; it can get cold

here at night. The fire is up in no time, and they come down from the trees. Beautiful people, them. Elves, I think. The women have pointy ears and gray eyes, and beautiful... everything.

They guys I really don't look at, I'm not attratced to them.

At night, I've been told the waterfall falls upwards. So I have to go look for my self. It's

hard to tell, really, in the dark. Idea: I grab my torch and throw it at the waterfall. Indeed, the water catches it and up it goes, up into the sky, and then it disappears. Interesting. Upside-down

waterfalls. Maybe I'll explore some more tomorrow.

I go to my bed, and fall asleep in my gray, sterile room with a little window and a slit

on the door. It's great to be free.

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