Uncommon Shore Fish

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Title: Uncommon Shore Fish

Author: Cpt. Piddlewash

In thee sacred trust I be bestowin' our knowledge. Ne'er afore hath sailor nor wench set down in pen the secrets o' Sosaria fishing. Tis only by the will o' the Order of the Dragonfish that I do. Tis now up to you to protect this knowledge and earn the trust o' the Order. This knowledge can make you wealthy. Guard it well. Bluegill sunfish:

Be wary o' these bluegills, they be a bit snooty but they be tastin' great on a cracker. Brook trout:

These be found in brooks mostly, but sometimes streams, ponds, creeks, rivers, inlets, fords, and occasionally puddles. Green catfish:

Don't let the green color scare ye away, it be delicious! Folks what eat them say they make yer eyes turn green. Kokanee salmon:

I named this'n fer me favorite aunt in hopes that she would leave me her ship. Then she left it to her boyfriend so I changed it to Kokanee. Pike:

This fresh water fish be lookin' a bit like their ocean cousin the barracuda. But don' be fooled, they bite! Pumpkinseed Sunfish:

Found in rivers and other shallow waters, this fish be so named because it be first caught by me friend, Pumpkinseed Smith. Rainbow trout:

These trout be colored a bit like rainbow salmon but they're not, they're trout. Redbelly bream:

The secret ta catchin' these particular bream is ta be fishin' near the shores. Smallmouth bass:

'Tis believed that this fish is uncommon simply because it be a picky eater. Uncommon shiner:

This fish is not to be confused with the common shiner. The uncommon shiner tastes way better. Walleye:

This be a tricky devil 'cause he can see ye coming. 'Tis best to fish fer them at night or ta be wearin' a worm costume. Yellow perch:

Ye can sometimes see these swimmin' near rocks and such. They be easy ta spot cause they be yellow somewhere on thar body.

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