Uncommon Crustaceans

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Title: Uncommon Crustaceans

Author: Cpt. Piddlewash

In thee sacred trust I be bestowin' our knowledge. Ne'er afore hath sailor nor wench set down in pen the secrets o' Sosaria fishing. Tis only by the will o' the Order of the Dragonfish that I do. Tis now up to you to protect this knowledge and earn the trust o' the Order. This knowledge can make you wealthy. Guard it well.

Uncommon Crabs apple crab:

Some say the apple crab be so named because it makes good cider. To this, I say yuck! blue crab:

The blue crab can be identified by the fact that they be blue on the bottom. dungeoness crab:

The dungeoness crab was so named because 'twas first discovered in a dungeon, later it was discovered they could be found anywhere. king crab:

The Order is not sure who made this rascal king, but we recon it took some fast talkin'. rock crab:

The rock crab be uncommon mostly because they often get stepped on by accident. Snow crab:

Contrary to popular belief, the snow crab is not found in snow. They be in the water with the rest o' the crabs.

Uncommon Lobsters Crusty lobster:

Juka like to use the shells o' this lobster for pie crust. Fred lobster:

On occasion I be wonderin' to meself, who is Fred? and how did he get to name a lobster? Hummer lobster:

Some sailors say they can hear the hum of a hummer lobster. But I don't be seein' 'em catch more than anyone else. Rock lobster:

The rock lobster be uncommon mostly because they often get st... Wait, I think I used that one already. Shovel-nose lobster:

The shovel-nose lobster has a flat, shovel like nose that it uses to dig into the sand and hide. Spiny lobster:

Spiny lobsters be hard on traps, sometimes when they try to get in a trap they tear it to pieces.

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