Transmutatio Diabolicus

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Transmutatio Diabolicus by Annatar



Who will not judge him worthy to be robbed Thats sets his doors wide open to a thief, And shows the felon where the treasure lies?


Some Fallen magi shy away from the Abyss; demons are "merely" their servants and mentors in the Arts. Many, however, sell off whole portions of their souls. Mortal cultists often do the same, desperte for any kind of power tht might lift them from their misery. For a awhile, these folk get what they want. Too hungry for power to worry about its eventual price, they barter their lives and souls for demonic Investments - inhuman talents that channel the essence of Hell.

Investiture requires a formal pact: A witch who wants inhuman powers or diabolical influence petitions her patron for an audience, then requests a pact.

Once the Foedus has been struck, the demon works its magic; depending on the Investiment, an Infernalist could find a pot of gold, sprout bony wings, or have her mind blasted into instant awareness. At that time, a strange Devil's Mark appears somewhere on the Infernalist's person; such "brands of favor" depend on the demon's sense of humor and aesthetics: a succubus could make her servant diabolically handsome, while a swirling cloud of chaos marks its chosen with a mangled limb. Either way, a Devil's Mark displays ownership, forging aa physical and metaphysical bond between demon and diabolist. A Supplicium seals the pact and drives the diabolist a little bit closer to Hell.

As its name implies, an Investment displays an odd sort of trust; the demon gives its servant a token of esteem in return for deeds it cannot perform alone. If an Infernalist is foolish enough to make a pact then break it, her Investments disappear immediately and the chase begins.

Demonic Investments are not super-powers, nor are they employed easily. Most require an invocation to the Patronus and some physical effort. When a Fallen One uses an Investment, her aura turns dark red, then black; anyone with mystic senses can tell that dark forces are at work in his vicinity. Even mortals feel deep chills. Most Investments actually transform the Infernalist, too; a diabolist with Wings actually sprouts skeletal bat-wings from her back! When a Fallen One calls upon her Hell-born powers, she becomes a minor demon, and usually looks the part!

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