Thirty Ninth Meeting of the Yew Council

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Thrawn: ok then, might as well get started
Thrawn: I'd like to thank you all for coming today
Thrawn: seems our town is drawing a lot of attention lately
Livia: aye that it is
Conner McCrimmon: Hail all
Thrawn: first up, I would like to make a few short announcements
Thrawn: Hello Conner
Tersell Bluefist: hail all
Thrawn: if you check the message boards, this might sound repitive
Thrawn: but please bare with me
Thrawn: first up, with the aid of the Militia, the Council is holding a Census in the area
Thrawn: we will be sending Militia units around the popular areas to allow citizens to register
Thrawn: also, you can register by sending a note to

Corwin of Amber says greetings

Thrawn: <write that="" down="" people:="""">

Hawkshadow says Do we register all the members of our household (characters)?

Thrawn: the reason for this is an attempt to better keep in communication with everybody
Thrawn: you can register all your memebrs of the household if you wish... if they live in Yew

Kain Elderan says what if they all belong to guild in Yew?
Lord Smogg Azalin says Enough of these petty matters!

Thrawn: then the GM of the Guild registers, and that is enough

Lord Smogg Azalin says Things have changed in Yew

Thrawn: and might I remind everybody, please raise your hand if you wish to speak
Volrath: (can u say the web site again?0

Lord Smogg Azalin says I have come to inform that I will be in charge of enforcing the new laws

Anna: *rasies a brow*

Dyluck Blade says You didn't raise your hand Smogg
Lord Smogg Azalin says Set by Livia and her new rule

Thrawn: < the email address is the website is >
Thrawn: people not rasing their hands to speak will be ignored

Kotare II says they have not

Thrawn: now, next order of business
Dunedain: *there goes smogg having delusions again*

Cedric Mcdougan says *raises his hand*

Livia: *raises hand*

Lord Smogg Azalin says There will be a new govenrment, This old counsil is a dead sceene

Thrawn: yes cedric?

Cedric Mcdougan says I say let Smogg speak
Sherice Vanshire says Aye
Kotare II says *raises hand*

Thrawn: until he raises his hand, and follows procedure, no
Livia: aye
Thrawn: *smiles*
Livia: let him speek

Dyluck Blade says What, he has no arms? Let him raise his hands
Lord Smogg Azalin says Anyone who question the new rule. Can do so, if they can back it up with swords and
Lord Smogg Azalin says spells. So far all attempts have been pityfull
Tersell Bluefist says no need to get vilent
Lord Smogg Azalin says Lady Livia. Tell them of the New rule

Thrawn: Livia did you have something different from what cedric said?
Livia: nay
Thrawn: ok, Kotare?
Livia: lord smogg sreeks my mind

Maxwell Tyndan says um
Kotare II says i wish to question this rule
Conner McCrimmon says I hear by motion all who do not raise hands will be ignored.
Kotare II says how can Livia claim to own Yew
Tersell Bluefist says i would like to know what te rule is

Skylar: *seconds*
Livia: i have decleard war but my decree is still i=unanswred

darkwarlock says hm
Kotare II says there is resistance
Kotare II says and I am part of it
Kotare II says smogg
Lord Smogg Azalin says I am not part part of this counsil. There will be a new government

Livia: and that is of no matter to me kotare

Kotare II says you only have yet to see what I am capible of
Sherice Vanshire says *laughs*
Cedric Mcdougan says *snickers at Kotare*
darkwarlock says ?

Livia: and you have not seen my full strenth ither

Lord Smogg Azalin says Indeed. So far I have no worries
Tersell Bluefist says speaking of snikers i am hungry
Kotare II says i see
Kotare II says that is your own undoing

Thrawn: okay then... next topic
Livia: nay

Cedric Mcdougan says My order will be assisting Smogg and Livia

Thrawn: and I am sure this one ought to cause some remarks

Sherice Vanshire says *grins at cedric*

Livia: i hold my strengs in and sercet so that the may be used when i see ift
Skylar: *raises hand*
Thrawn: and, may I ask again, please raise your hand if you wish to speak

Cedric Mcdougan says *raises his hand*

Thrawn: if you all refuse to do so, I'll simply end the meeting

Lord Smogg Azalin says Anyone who wish to foolishly opose Livia and her claim to Yew

Livia: i did thrawn and you asked what i wanted to say

Cedric Mcdougan says I . will. be .... assisting.... smogg.... and.... Livia
Tersell Bluefist says well i think
Tersell Bluefist says we all have failure to communicate

Livia: *raises hand
Thrawn: Skylar.. I believe you commented upon reading the logs how chaotic these meetings seem
Livia: *raises hand*
Thrawn: well, can you see why? these newcomers refuse to follow the rules
Thrawn: yes Livia?
Skylar: yes sir, and it seemsto me that this one is no different
Livia: ty mayor
Livia: as i was saying
William Smit III: Bah I can't stand.
Anna: listen
Livia: my decrees have been left unanswered
Livia: if i must i will go to the courts
Thrawn: that seems the logical thing to do
Livia: but i will not stand for games
Thrawn: because you'll find that very few a willing to shed blood over a claim such as yours
Skylar: I agree
Thrawn: a claim that echoes claims of the past, that have all failed
Livia: i claim it is my sons name
Livia: and that is that
Livia: kotare
Thrawn: ask Anna how long her claim of Yew lasted and how it ended?
Thrawn: *grins*
Livia: gave up his right to yew
Anna: 4 days then 13 days in jail

Kotare II says *raises hand*

Livia: in turn acording to an officer of the court
Anna: bread was lousey
Livia: the right falls to his son
Scarab:  : raises hand
Thrawn: Kotare?
Livia: and

Kotare II says it is impossible for me to sire any children

Livia: if he wishis not to claim his son so beit

Kotare II says how is it mine?

Livia: you no very well how
Livia: and soi do those we no
Livia: so do not slander me by calling me a lier
Skylar: are you not calling him a liar!
Livia: i speek only the truth
Skylar: he says he cant father children and you say he can
Thrawn: well, that is for the Court to decide...

Kotare II says you know nothing of truth

Scarab: *hand*

Kotare II says besides

Thrawn: and speaking of the Court, I believe Scarab had something to say

Kotare II says when I renounced any claim to Yew

Scarab: Aye
Livia: very well duke then how do you say i came to be with child
Scarab: I have a brief question

Kotare II says that went for all of BlackWind
Cedric Mcdougan says *looks down and grins*

Scarab: *sighs*
Scarab: Livia

Kotare II says sorry
Kotare II says please
Lord Smogg Azalin says Livias words are backed up by military power. Those who question her will die

Livia: and why to lord smoggand lord nrcro you claimed it to be yours

Kain Elderan says maybe with thy affair thee had with the vile Necromancer!

Anna: *thinks maybe livia has not clue who the father is*
Scarab: Shut yer trap Smogg

Sherice Vanshire says painfully at best..

Scarab: Livia you keep metionning the courts
Scarab: Who have you spoken to?
Livia: aye that i do

Kain Elderan says how wilt thy kill any who do not wish to war thy impotent claim?
Lord Smogg Azalin says Captain Sherice, Write Scarab to the list

Dunedain: Smogg better go ahead and add me too

Cedric Mcdougan says *raises his hand*
Sherice Vanshire says *writes*

Livia: merrirk and the anbassador has set me with the occc

Kain Elderan says your claim is not recognized by any here just as Kotare's was not!
William Smit III says Might as well add us all to the list.

Livia: to settil this matter with a counciler to rule thr jugedment

Kain Elderan says I apologize Thrawn for my outbursts but this is ridiculous

Skylar: aye
Livia: smogg speeks for me

Cedric Mcdougan says The ofist could careless who owns these lands, we where contracted to kill, so shall w

Livia: so let him spek

Cedric Mcdougan says we
Tersell Bluefist says ohhh
Tersell Bluefist says ok

Skylar: you cant speak for thine own self?
Frank: *raises hand*
Livia: yes i can
Anna: here take this gate hon
Livia: but if he wish to say something he nos my mind
Thrawn: Livia, those you refer to as the "Court" are not the Court in our eyes
Scarab: Aye
Thrawn: these Ambassador people come out of nowhere and claim to be the law?
Scarab: Th eonly authority you have proceeded upon Livia is no authority
Livia: i had no affair

Lord Smogg Azalin says Livia's forces are far superior. That has been settled once.

Livia: and kain i am due any day now
Livia: ty

Cedric Mcdougan says What authority does one need to take over a land?
Lord Smogg Azalin says Livia. I suggest you declare the old counsil meeting illigal

Livia: yes
Livia: this meeting is unjust
Skylar: this is the council of Yew is it not?
Thrawn: you have no authority to say that

Kain Elderan says Aye that was when she had the backing of the BWK

Thrawn: and you know what
Xavier Kaplin: ...
Livia: i very well do have
Thrawn: your actions today have just forfeited you any chance to run in the upcoming election

Kain Elderan says You say unjust, but who art thee?
Gwendolyn says *chuckles*

Thrawn: which brings me to my next announcement

Cedric Mcdougan says *winks at Gwendolyn*
Kain Elderan says Thy is but a small pebble in this great land

Livia: nay
Thrawn: as you know, my term as Mayor is over in february
Livia: i do not need to run for mayor

Lord Smogg Azalin says Livial will not neen an election. Ex-mayor Thrawn
William Smit III says Be quiet and allow Thrawn to speak.
Gwendolyn says *suddenly wonders why she's being winked at....*
Sherice Vanshire says *evil laugh*

Thrawn: we are accepting names of candidates now
Livia: if you want i will spill blood over this matter

William Smit III says Be quiet!

Livia: ifyou have the nerve\
Anna: *vote william*
Livia: to accept

Cedric Mcdougan says I wish to run for mayor

Thrawn: so, if you are interested in running, please let me know
Livia: or will you run like last time
Thrawn: via pigeon or mail letter
Anna: *raises hand*

William Smit III says No one in the Smit family will be running due to the current problems

Thrawn: we already have several candidates, and expect more
Anna: *raises hand*
Thrawn: yes Anna?
Anna: Milord should not one live in yew to run for Mayor?
Thrawn: yes indeed

Kotare II says *smiles*

Anna: I do not belive Cedric does

Cedric Mcdougan says I live in yew....

Anna: therefore he not qualify
Thrawn: and once candidates announce their intentions, their criteria shall be reviewed

Kain Elderan says Nor does "Lady" Livia
Cedric Mcdougan says *taps his goot on the ground*

Livia: i need not live if i here if i have ties by blood and brith right

Cedric Mcdougan says I'm standing here now, and living

Anna: *nods* she lives in skara
Livia: heheh

Kotare II says you have no ties

Thrawn: on a case by case basis, their eligibility will be decided
Livia: nay i do not
Skylar: you have no ties!!!! the mayor race is not a blood line

Cedric Mcdougan says My sister lives in Yew I believe

Thrawn: good question Anna, thank you

William Smit III says Quit speaking out of line.

Thrawn: Vargen?
Livia: i live in minoc and i will soon have a home here as well
Vargen: I would like to address a misconception that I've seen in recent weeks...
Vargen: certain people in this room, and elsewhere...

Lord Smogg Azalin says Well. You will be spared today. But note the meetings are illigal now.
Lord Smogg Azalin says I will have an army here at next meeting

Vargen: seem to be under the impression that the business of the Yew Council involves Power

Lord Smogg Azalin says if you wish your meeting to take place

Vargen: Authority, Ruling over the citizens, and all that

Lord Smogg Azalin says prepare to back it up with raw power
Lord Smogg Azalin says That will be all
Conner McCrimmon says <thrawn, just="" end="" the="" meeting,="" its="" becoming="" too="" chaotic.="">

Vargen: We exist to serve the community, not rule it
William Smit III: Good riddance!

Hawkshadow says Well

Vargen: *sigh*
Gwendolyn: Nah.. don't end it :) We can actually talk about council business now.

Kotare II says *smiles*

Vargen: I'm preaching to the choir now...
William Smit III: Thankye...
Vargen: might as well move on
Thrawn: ok, well put Vargen
William Smit III: Well hopefully the only people that care about Yew are here now.
Thrawn: I think it's fairly obvious, all they want is power
William Smit III: And not the powermongers.
Gwendolyn: It was still an excellent point, Vargen.
Thrawn: you would think Smogg learns his lesson... apparently not

Kotare II says *raises hand*

Thrawn: yes Kotare?

Kotare II says i wish to apologize for my actions a few weeks ago
William Smit III says *Raises hand wearily*
Kotare II says and that
Kotare II says you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me
Kotare II says I would like
Kotare II says to run for Mayor
Kotare II says and have gone through all correct channels

Thrawn: yes, Kotare, your intentions have been recorded
Thrawn: and after a background and residency check

Kotare II says i will do my best to see that the power mongers do not ruin what I tried to long ago

Thrawn: you should be approved as a candidate

Kotare II says *nods*

Thrawn: speak with me about the details in private

Kotare II says yes

Thrawn: also
Thrawn: I would like to address a question I've been asked several times
Thrawn: since the elections have been announced
Thrawn: and the answer is... no, I will not be running for Mayor again
Anna: *sighs*
Thrawn: a year is a long time in Britannia
Thrawn: and it is time for me to step aside, and let someone else take office
Thrawn: though, I do intend to stay active in the goings on
Thrawn: and perhaps the new Mayor will find a position for me as an advisor of some sort
Roger: Hail noble assenbly

Kotare II says *raises hand*

Thrawn: and as to when the elections will be held...
Thrawn: most likely mid to late february...

Kain Elderan says argghh

Thrawn: so we have some time for organizing the way it will be held
Thrawn: and arrange some debates and other events so the citizens get to know the candidates
Thrawn: yes, Kotare?

Kotare II says why not run for vice mayor?
Kain Elderan says (sorry I'll just be away for Feb)

Thrawn: well, Vice Mayor is typically not an elected position, but an appointed one

Kotare II says i see

Gwendolyn: *raises hand*
Thrawn: in our Council at least that is...
Thrawn: Gwen?
Gwendolyn: I think Will was first...
Thrawn: sorry, Will?

William Smit III says I was, but let the lady go first.

Thrawn: ok, Gwen?
Gwendolyn: *smiles*
Gwendolyn: I just wanted to ask how the Census was coming, Mayor.
Thrawn: well
Kalin'ka: *raises hand*
Thrawn: responses by mail have been trickling in slowly
Thrawn: and the Militia has not had its first patrol go around as of yet
Thrawn: but I suspect it will pick up once they get out there
Vargen: [I blame my ISP :) ]
Thrawn: so, if you havent sent in the email yet to register, please do so!
Thrawn: Will?

Conner McCrimmon says *Raises hand*
William Smit III says Ah, thank ye Mayor.

Kalin'ka: *raises hand*

William Smit III says This is probably, the hardest thing I have ever done.
William Smit III says But it shan't take long thankfuly.
William Smit III says For those of ye who do not know, my son went into the Stormreaver Orc Fort
William Smit III says A couple nights ago, to be exact.
William Smit III says He never returned from there, but he was in a casket

Gwendolyn: oh, my...

William Smit III says Which Thrawn was gracious enough to have escorted to mine house...
William Smit III says All attempts to bring William back failed... I do not know why.
William Smit III says My boy is lost to me.

Thrawn: we are sorry for your loss William, perhaps all is not lost yet
Thrawn: if the Militia can help find a way to bring him back.. or get to the bottom of it
Thrawn: please, let us know...

William Smit III says I doubt in my heart of hearts that he wants to return, for he may be in a new realm
William Smit III says Well, thank ye, Thrawn... Grimrick is investigating it right now.

Thrawn: ahh excellent, I am sure if there is anything foul to be found, he will find it

William Smit III says The remains are at mine house, for any of thee whom care to drop by.
William Smit III says That be all....

Thrawn: thank you, and again, we grieve with you for the loss
Thrawn: Kalin'ka?
Kalin'ka: Thank thee Mayor
Kalin'ka: I am kalin'ka new headmaster of West yew University
Kalin'ka: I would like to announce the Univertsity is now reopend
Kalin'ka: As part of the ongoing education for the Young
Kalin'ka: we teach Introduction to Community
Kalin'ka: Also, we would like to affirm
Kalin'ka: our Citisenship of Yew
Vargen: *makes a note of that*
Kalin'ka: and state our support for this Council and its Militia
Kalin'ka: Thank thee
Thrawn: Thank you Kalin'ka
Thrawn: I have a quick question though, if I may?
Kalin'ka: Of cource please
Vargen: if anyone else would like to register in person I can get your information after the meeting
Thrawn: oh which facet has WYU reopened? I know there are campuses on both...
Kalin'ka: Aye, for the moment, basic classes take place at the BTF Castle
Kalin'ka: As part of the restructuring we art evaluating
Roger: ( we can use both side if Need )
Kalin'ka: the possibility of usesing the Campuses in fellucca aswell
Kalin'ka: As we all know the Community spans in both facets
Kalin'ka: Officially thought we art now based in Trammel
Vargen: If you do decide to make the Felucca campus viable again...
Scarab: *raises hand*
Vargen: the militia will make it a top priority to assist with that
Vargen: it's an issue of some personal importance to the Captain I believe
Kalin'ka: Thank thee very much
Kalin'ka: *bows head*
Thrawn: *nods* okay, thank you, good news indeed, and good luck
Thrawn: Scarab?
Kalin'ka: hail
Scarab: I have a questionf or Anna and Kalin'ka as well
Scarab: Is WYU still the school for BTF seniors or has that been restructured?
Anna: It still is.
Scarab: Ok
Anna: The way it works is......
Kalin'ka: It is restructured to be part of the ongoing education of the Young
Anna: when they are mature enough they go to WYU
Anna: Both schools work closely
Kalin'ka: *nods*
Scarab: that's all I had
Thrawn: okay thank you
Thrawn: anybody have anything else before we wrap things up for today?
Anna: *raies hand*
Thrawn: Anna?
Anna: One quick thing to settle

Kotare II says Kain had a question

Anna: last meeting i could not be here
Anna: I was told livia claimed BTF supported her
Anna: This is false
Anna: The girls off her rocker
Anna: BTF never did nor will
Thrawn: *chuckles*
Anna: Thank you.
Dunedain: *we suspected as much*
Skylar: *beleives Kain has something to say*
Thrawn: a relief to hear it Anna, thank you
Thrawn: yes, Kain?
Dunedain: *smogg confirmed it*

Kain Elderan says ok sorry
Kain Elderan says crystal was not picking me up
Kain Elderan says First off

Thrawn: < crystal doesnt pick up emotes >

Kain Elderan says Skylar and I are both new here
Kain Elderan says but we really like this community
Kain Elderan says and we have become a large part of the BWK
Kain Elderan says we have seen the things going on of late
Kain Elderan says and we both are disheartened by such things
Kain Elderan says as another person said, this council not here for ruling
Kain Elderan says it is here to help
Kain Elderan says but I also think that we MUST do something about this problem fro Livia
Kain Elderan says and her cohorts
Kain Elderan says and also extra note
Kain Elderan says Skylar and I will be married on the 26th at 8 pm
William Smit III says Thanks for coming!
Kain Elderan says all here are invited to attend if they wish
Corwin of Amber says Congratulations to you both
Kain Elderan says place is still under discussion
Kain Elderan says I thank thee
Conner McCrimmon says * raises hand
Kain Elderan says that is all thanks Mayor

Thrawn: congratulations, and we'll do our best to be there I'm sure
Thrawn: anybody else have anything?

Thorin says *raises hand*

Thrawn: yes, Thorin?

Conner McCrimmon says * Raises Hand *
Thorin says i suggest we set up a court date with Livia to settle her claim once and for all

Kotare II: aye
Gwendolyn: Tis a good suggestion.
Thrawn: indeed.. but she seems to make her own terms

Thorin says before the next council meeting

Thrawn: that would be ideal
Scarab: Just realize that Livia will not likely accept any ruling against her

Kotare II says aye
Kotare II says she won't

Thrawn: but now that Smogg is "speaking for her" she seems even less likely to agree
William Smit III: Hopefully she even gets tired of hereself rambling on, so she may want to settle this.

Kotare II says you have allies withing the BWK good Mayor

Scarab: Too bad Anna left

Kain Elderan says doubtful there Will

William Smit III: *Frowns*

Kotare II says i must add
Kotare II says the events the happened a few weeks ago
Kotare II says were of her planning
Kotare II says when the two guilds split up

Dunedain: *raises hand*

Kotare II says so did my opinion of Yew
Kotare II says I pledge my support
Kotare II says and sword if need be

De Coursolle: Greating form the King
Thrawn: thank you Kotare.... Conner?

Conner McCrimmon says Last year we were setting up a chess match
Conner McCrimmon says between all the role players of Atlantic
Conner McCrimmon says I'll be continueing that, and by march, we'll havea few games.
Conner McCrimmon says Going.
Conner McCrimmon says I'm in contact with a GM now who will has agrees to do the first game.
Conner McCrimmon says "Chess match of the gods."

Thrawn: hehe sounds like fun

Conner McCrimmon says And after that, PvP type of matches for those who wish it.
Conner McCrimmon says Look for that.
Conner McCrimmon says Thats is all...

Thrawn: Thank you Conner, sounds like fun
Thrawn: Dunedain?
Dunedain: A commment on Livia
Dunedain: now that Smogg has come forth
Dunedain: she is exposed as the pawn we knew she was

De Coursolle says *Raise Hand*

Dunedain: Smogg has been trying to get his hands on Yew
Dunedain: for years
Dunedain: this is just another of many attempts
Dunedain: and we will resistt as vigorously as always

Kotare II says if I may add to your comment
Kotare II says I wa present when livia went to see smogg
Kotare II says about taking over Yew

Kotare II: it is purly livia's idea
Kotare II: but I have no doubt that Smogg will use her
Kotare II: and then take it for himself
Dunedain: he has tried many times Kotare
Kalin'ka: if you will excuse me please, I have a class to respects to this
Kalin'ka: council
Dunedain: he even set up a puppet government once

Kotare II says i know

Dunedain: we ran him out of town
Dunedain: we will again

Kotare II says if you wish to speak with me about this matter further
Kotare II says you can find me near the BTF castle or my tower just south of it

Thrawn: De Coursolle? You had something?

De Coursolle says I thank thee Mayor and salute the Duke of BlackWind
Kotare II says *nods*
De Coursolle says Yes mayor Trwn i have a question
De Coursolle says Mayor , Duke Kotare II
De Coursolle says The king have been solicitated by a land claim if this settle or we have to
De Coursolle says proclaim game
De Coursolle says ?

Thrawn: I'm not sure I understand the question...

De Coursolle says Duke Kotare II have claim Yew as in Land

Kotare II: nay
Kotare II: I do not
Thrawn: actually, Kotare has relinquished that claim

De Coursolle says Duke Kotare II have claim Yew as his oand
De Coursolle says Duke Kotare II have claim Yew as his land

Thrawn: we've made ammends with BWK

De Coursolle says If this settle or we have to do game to settle this
De Coursolle says ?

Thrawn: Livia is the only thorn in our side at the moment
Kotare II: aye
Kotare II: she claims to have the right to rule these lands
Thrawn: the issue with Kotare is settled, thank you for your offer
Kotare II: she does not

De Coursolle says I will inform the King that is to be class to final affair
De Coursolle says I thanl thee

Thrawn: okay then.. thank you as well
Thrawn: and on that note, I believe we will end things for today
William Smit III: *Taps crook impatiently*
Kotare II: *nods*
Thrawn: if you wish to register with the census before leaving
Thrawn: please just speak with Vargen on your way out
Vargen: come and pester me
Thrawn: thank you all for coming, and have a good day
Thrawn: meeting adjourned

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