Thirty Fourth Meeting of the Yew Council

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Vargen: I'm still hoping one or two more will show up...
Vargen: but we might as well get started
Vargen: so... where to begin?
Vargen: has anyone heard any reports from Sonoma?
Dunedain: nay
Thrawn: hrmm is that where it was published yesterday?
Vargen: *nods*
Velsinn: only that the full system wasn't published
Dunedain: that figures
Vargen: what's still missing?
Velsinn: no town guard control at the moment
Dunedain: hail Amber
Vargen: that's a part of the system?
Amber Goldenrod: Hello all.
Vargen: hello
Velsinn: aye
Amber Goldenrod: all stay
Velsinn: town controllers can deploy guards and traps
Vargen: the guard guards or the faction guards?
Velsinn: faction guards
Vargen: ah
Vargen: I doubt there's been enough time for them to earn enough silver for that
Velsinn: true, but adrick said it was not enabled yet as well
Vargen: ah...
Vargen: reports I've heard boil down to not much overall activity except...
Vargen: for the Council of Mages taking all 8 sigils early on
Windlord: Grey mentioned that CoM has all the cities?
Velsinn: heheh
Windlord: ahh
Velsinn: I hope noone told greypawn that ;P
Windlord: hehe
Windlord: He knows
Vargen: I found out on
Velsinn: ahh
Windlord: mentioned it five times last night
Vargen: he posted screenshots
Velsinn: lol
Amber Goldenrod: *smirks*
Vargen: err... screenshot
Dunedain: is loa the only other trans-shard organization?
Dunedain: or are they just trans-game
Windlord: There used to be others
Velsinn: just trans-game I believe
Vargen: I think LOA's presense is just on Atlantic in UO, but I'm not sure...
Velsinn: we have some folks on europa
Velsinn: still small tho
Windlord: In a way Yew is trans shard
Windlord: there are other Yew councils
Windlord: But we don't talk to each other :)
Thrawn: heh
Velsinn: heheh
Vargen: most of them have arisen independant of one another
Vargen: *nods*
Thrawn: I've gotten emails from one of the other Yew councils
Vargen: oh?
Windlord: The idea of councils of virtues was originally a trans shard concept
Thrawn: but basically he was just asking how to get houses "blessed" by the gods
Dunedain: didnt some one from another shard visit a town council meeting once?
Windlord: Probably
Windlord: I miss a lot of meetings
Thrawn: hrmm that sounds vaguely familiar Dune, don't remember though
Vargen: the whole nature of Trans-Shard organization goes against my personal philosophy...
Vargen: of town councils
Vargen: I'm of the opinion that they should arise from the local town population...
Vargen: but I'm weird that way
Dunedain: hmmm we have a population?
Thrawn: heh
Windlord: WEll I think the concept of CoV began by some treatise
Velsinn: heheh
Dunedain: all i saw on the way here was npc's
Windlord: written on a webpage long since gone
Vargen: originally we were trying to get townstones implemented...
Windlord: And it was just an idea that some people liked
Windlord: We certainly have evolved a fair bit past the original idea
Dunedain: im too new to remember the goos ole days
Vargen: I remember a lot of area guilds coming together to support the concept...
Thrawn: and we had some decent Seer support too
Thrawn: but alas
Thrawn: heheh
Velsinn: heheh
Dunedain: whats a seer?
Velsinn: I did see one at the bazaar after the caravan
Vargen: hehehe *sigh*
Amber Goldenrod: Actually...
Dunedain: has anyone seen one?
Velsinn: I was patently shocked
Thrawn: oh, they looked like counselors, but wore green
Windlord: *grins*
Amber Goldenrod: I never have understood what they are.
Dunedain: has anyone seen one in a hundred years?
Dunedain: sorry
Thrawn: there were 2 at the start of our 2 year anniversary parade
Amber Goldenrod: Or what they do.
Dunedain: quoting 13th warrior again
Vargen: they're supposed to drive and facilitate the fiction
Thrawn: but they got lost along the route
Amber Goldenrod: Ah.
Thrawn: also should note Seers are volunteers
Vargen: they haven't been too active in Trammel at all as far as I've seen
Thrawn: [and actual players on Atlantic\
Thrawn: [in disguise heh]
Amber Goldenrod: Ok.
Thrawn: they havent been very active since Nikademus left us
Windlord: I think there are more seers now than before but they don't hang out as much
Dunedain: seems they all disappeared when osi took away free account status for volunteers
Thrawn: he was given a more important position... not on this shard
Amber Goldenrod: Hmm, funny that...
Windlord: You see them in Rivendell
Thrawn: well, anyways, I think we have proven, we can do just fine without them
Thrawn: *grins*
Velsinn: heheh aye
Dunedain: aye one is permanantly in Rivendell
Dunedain: hehe
Thrawn: anyways, should we move along to the topic?
Velsinn: not all at once now ;)
Thrawn: hehe
Amber Goldenrod: *cricket*
Thrawn: okay...
Thrawn: so basically, what do we want to do about factions?
Velsinn: having read your post, I would be inclined
Velsinn: to agree that 'options 3 and 4' are...indavisable ;)
Thrawn: *nods*
Amber Goldenrod: *reads posts*
Dunedain: well a Yew Militia wiill be a bit of an anachronism when some one else takes over t
Dunedain: the town
Thrawn: true too
Velsinn: not necessarily
Amber Goldenrod: Ok, is everyone trying to access the message board right now?
Velsinn: there should/could still be
Velsinn: a viable reason for a non-allied force in yew
Dunedain: how so?
Velsinn: well considering that 3 of the four factions
Velsinn: have no vested interest in yew at all
Velsinn: the 'people' could indeed support a neutral policing force
Thrawn: 3 of 4? how so?
Dunedain: Shadowlords being the ones that do?
Velsinn: that remains above the fray
Velsinn: if you should opt to go that route, of course
Dunedain: ahh protect the innocent
Velsinn: heheh I rather doubt the Shadowlords have yews interests in mind
Dunedain: they will be based in the crypts
Velsinn: aye
Windlord: I don't think it unreasonable to suppose that the "druids" of Yew
Windlord: would not be able to survive a hostile occupation
Dunedain: aye and the rangers of the Yew forest
Windlord: we might want to keep a low profile when Minax or Shodowlords are about though
Dunedain: *glances at the empty seat*
Velsinn: heheh
Amber Goldenrod: *smirks*
Windlord: Interestingly enough Yew is one of Britainia's oldest cities
Windlord: Only city as old still around is Britain
Windlord: So we seem to be able to survive
Windlord: *grins*
Velsinn: I also suspect that yews control will change hands rather often
Thrawn: but strategically, Yew does not have the range of shops and such as other cities..
Velsinn: when the hostilities begin
Thrawn: so perhaps it will be in less demand.. just a thought..
Velsinn: since the town doesn't lend itself to defense
Vargen: gah
Vargen: now that was a crash...
Thrawn: right, good point too Velsinn, easy to avoid being surrounded and such
Thrawn: whereas when you are in a street, there's only 2 ways to go...
Windlord: I suspect the main interest in yew
Windlord: will be the brief economic boost
Windlord: for a take over
Amber Goldenrod: *nods*
Vargen: what have I missed? when I left we were talking about seers...
Velsinn: heheh
Amber Goldenrod: hehe
Thrawn: we started talking about factions
Thrawn: just some ideas, and how contested Yew might be
Thrawn: how high demand it might be...
Amber Goldenrod: Or low...
Thrawn: I think that every town will be a constant battleground
Velsinn: Aye, thats a certainty
Thrawn: you figure there will always be people defending... and always people attacking
Velsinn: When the clan first discussed how to address factions
Velsinn: we broke it down into issues, first being
Velsinn: rp conerns aside, did we even have sufficient interest to get involved
Velsinn: er concerns
Dunedain: how large are you guys now?
Velsinn: we have just shy of 40 active members
Velsinn: much better than the 5 when I joined ;)
Windlord: *grins*
Velsinn: but numbers is a key issue
Thrawn: and did you have enough interest to get involved? I'm guessing yes since you are here
Dunedain: with the exception of one other
Velsinn: in the decision to participate
Dunedain: you are looking at the active members in Yew
Velsinn: heheh aye we did
Velsinn: about one third of our folks
Velsinn: a dozen or so, were interested in at least trying to
Velsinn: involve the clan in the matter
Thrawn: *nods*
Velsinn: now mind you
Velsinn: not all of those dozen are ahh
Velsinn: experienced in the realities of warfare
Velsinn: heheh
Amber Goldenrod: heheh
Thrawn: heh factions would be a rude awakening for them i am sure
Velsinn: I have perhaps 10 folks who have the combat experience
Velsinn: but the other 5 or so have never seen a real guildwar
Velsinn: and only 5 of those 10
Velsinn: have seen what order/chaos is like
Velsinn: so...if things turn particularly ugly
Windlord: Sounds like there is an invasion currently in Rivendell
Amber Goldenrod: Eh?
Velsinn: we accepted the reality that we may have to eventually step out of the conflict
Windlord: Probably undead
Dunedain: invasion?
Windlord: Ooops I am wrong
Windlord: Balrons and gargoyles
Velsinn: oh joy!
Amber Goldenrod: Ooh!
Velsinn: heheh
Thorin: yikes
Thrawn: why do all the attacks happen in the middle of meetings? :P
Amber Goldenrod: Well, we are all together...
Thorin: ...and all of my armor and weapons in the bank
Windlord: Craig said What invasion?
Windlord: Perhaps they have it under control :)
Amber Goldenrod: Drat...I mean, wonderful.
Dunedain: Balrons under control?
Thorin: hehe
Thrawn: okay... so back on topic...?
Dunedain: I'd like to see that
Windlord: Heh
Thorin: well, look at Nostur'yl :)
Thrawn: so Velsinn, would you mind continuing with what your guild has decided?
Velsinn: heheh I only wish I could say we _have_ decided
Velsinn: but we have begun to
Velsinn: once we determined we had enough interest
Thrawn: *nods*
Velsinn: then the obvious question, do we use the main stone
Velsinn: But that wasn't an option...another third of our folks want no part of pvp
Velsinn: so we procured a spare one
Thrawn: understandable.. I am sure we have some of those as well
Velsinn: then we addressed who (characters) should participate
Velsinn: I don't know if any of you have even seen chaos/order firsthand
Velsinn: but I can say from experience, using your main character for it is...
Velsinn: unpleasant
Thrawn: aye, I've seen it
Amber Goldenrod: Hmm...
Velsinn: so, tho I left the option open to our folks
Thrawn: but befoe it is all out like it is now..
Velsinn: to use their Moor
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Velsinn: I strongly urged them to ahh hire a retainer
Velsinn: to fight by proxy ;)
Thrawn: *nods*
Velsinn: and thusfar we've seen good results
Thrawn: well, I think we have enough interest (percentage wise) to investigate it as well
Windlord: I have a ... retainer I have been working on recently
Windlord: I am no PvP expert
Dunedain: my retainers are all craft mules
Windlord: but what knowledge I have is as a mage
Windlord: my retainer is a fighter
Velsinn: well, as I said
Windlord: It should be interesting
Velsinn: I genuinely believe that victory will be
Thrawn: ahh, hello Lil, please join us
Thrawn: *smiles*
Lilyth Noir: Hail all
Velsinn: determined more by numbers than skill
Lilyth Noir: *smiles*
Windlord: Hello
Dunedain: *smiles at Lil*
Velsinn: so it's not necessary to have the deadliest warrior in the land
Velsinn: just one who can hold his own
Dunedain: *wonders why there is no BWC in her title*
Thrawn: that's a good point too.. the best fighter out there cannot take on 10 grunts alone
Velsinn: heheh aye, all too true
Lilyth Noir: (haven't bugged Wolf enough yet)
Dunedain: hehe
Velsinn: particularly 10 grunts with warhammers
Thrawn: aye
Windlord: My retainer is a lumberjack/archer
Thrawn: Dune, has BWC discussed things in much detail?
Dunedain: i hate maces
Windlord: I hope he can be useful
Velsinn: lumberjacks will be in high demans :)
Dunedain: actually
Velsinn: er demand
Dunedain: as a council we met l;ast night
Dunedain: to discuss the reaction to Moonglows port closing
Dunedain: and asked Windlord to convene a court of inquiry
Dunedain: into legalities of the actiuon
Velsinn: *gets a rope*
Dunedain: but as far as the BWC guildstone members
Dunedain: I think they are planning a second stone
Dunedain: for factions
Thrawn: *nods*
Dunedain: and any member guilds that want to participate
Thrawn: probabl a fairly common approach... the second stone
Velsinn: aye
Dunedain: but thiers would also be open to us
Thrawn: Lil, has UN discussed factions much yet?
Dunedain: and other members guilds
Lilyth Noir: Aye we have some
Thrawn: any decisions on how you will handle it?
Lilyth Noir: If we do faction it will be on a secondary stone
Lilyth Noir: with secondary characters
Thrawn: interesting..
Lilyth Noir: UN will stay intact
Velsinn: aye, noone wants to split their guild if they can avoid it
Windlord: Since Yew is small maybe we should consider the BWC option as our faction outlet?
Dunedain: seems factions are well on the way to creating a shadow realm
Lilyth Noir: Un may do that as well Dune
Dunedain: of alternate characters
Windlord: *grins*
Thrawn: so, will both UN's and LOA's... "retainers".. maintain loyalty to the main guild though?
Lilyth Noir: depends on teh number that want to faction
Lilyth Noir: UN's will
Windlord: I have to admit I would be nervous about committing Windlord to Factiosn
Thrawn: *nods*
Amber Goldenrod: *hand*
Thrawn: not to mention some of the more.. high profile people.. might be popular targets
Velsinn: heheh
Dunedain: there goes my fancy illustrious title
Thrawn: yes Amber? no need for hands tonight, this is pretty informal
Amber Goldenrod: Ok.
Amber Goldenrod: :)
Amber Goldenrod: Just to be clear...
Amber Goldenrod: is everyone talking about joining with the True Brits?
Velsinn: heheh
Velsinn: not necesarily
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Thrawn: oh yes, good point, we should clarify that
Amber Goldenrod: Ok.
Lilyth Noir: true brits?
Velsinn: thats the 4th issue, which we haven't decided
Thrawn: the britannian faction he means
Velsinn: moorville is right next to the crypts
Amber Goldenrod: Right.
Velsinn: which means, for us, 2 things
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Lilyth Noir: *grins* well it is not likely UN will be CoM
Dunedain: *snickers*
Velsinn: if we go with LB, as we originally planned
Lilyth Noir: (buncha dumb jocks *laughs*)
Velsinn: we'll be under constant siege
Velsinn: with the shadowlords in our backyard, literally
Amber Goldenrod: Right.
Velsinn: but, it would give us an interesting 'safe haven' to raid them from
Lilyth Noir: Aye
Velsinn: the other option
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Thrawn: interesting
Dunedain: a dagger in thier side
Velsinn: all the senior moors, squire and above
Velsinn: have evil alter egos ;)
Amber Goldenrod: Vargen mentioned that to me, yes.
Amber Goldenrod: :)
Velsinn: and we've discussed using that stone
Velsinn: DC*, for factions, and aligning with the shadowlords
Velsinn: we're still very much torn
Thrawn: interesting
Velsinn: between the RP angle
Dunedain: can't imagine whjich way Blixa will go!
Velsinn: and the reality that we want to make factions as fun as possible
Velsinn: heheh
Amber Goldenrod: Also, for my own knowledge...
Amber Goldenrod: what's the CoM's beef with British?
Dunedain: omg
Dunedain: i have to go
Dunedain: sorry
Thrawn: ok Dune, farewell
Velsinn: take care dun
Dunedain: here is a stone
Amber Goldenrod: Farewell.
Dunedain: for those who need it
Amber Goldenrod: I will.
Amber Goldenrod: :)
Amber Goldenrod: Thanks.
Velsinn: regardless, whichever route we go
Velsinn: as I said to vargen last nite
Velsinn: if Yew would like to put their interested parties on our stone
Velsinn: we'd be happy to have you
Thrawn: thank you for the offer
Thrawn: *smile*
Velsinn: :)
Thrawn: if there were to be something of a "joint stone"
Thrawn: I would like to try and get as many of our friendly affiliated guilds
Thrawn: to share it, as we think we could
Thrawn: within reason, and careful discretion of course
Thrawn: not to sound cliche
Velsinn: heheh
Thrawn: well, okay, maybe to sound cliche.. but
Thrawn: united we stand
Lilyth Noir: (may I ask an OOC question)
Thrawn: *smirks*
Thrawn: go ahead Lil
Windlord: Well Whichever way we decide I guess I can offer my retainer "Bowmaster"
Lilyth Noir: does anyone really think factions is going to work
Lilyth Noir: any better than chaos/order
Velsinn: aye
Windlord: his brief PvP experience ended with him dying to a guard in britain
Velsinn: how much better is the question ;)
Thrawn: heh, good question, I think there is hope right now, and a lot of uncertainty
Lilyth Noir: I still see it as degenerating into GankFest
Windlord: There is hope
Velsinn: welp
Thrawn: some people WANT it to be cool and work.. and some people want to kill everything
Velsinn: even a ;gankfest; can be fun at times,
Velsinn: depending on
Lilyth Noir: I was about to say that
Windlord: I do know from talking to other people that most of the classic Murder/Pvp guilds
Windlord: are thinking of joining
Velsinn: a person's tastes in-game
Lilyth Noir: yes they are
Lilyth Noir: the red reoprieve draws them
Velsinn: aye, but no different than o/c
Velsinn: meaning, the inveterate killers
Velsinn: will soon enough wind up off their stone
Lilyth Noir: *smiles*
Velsinn: I do think that the added dimensions
Velsinn: will attract a better can't possibly be as silly as o/c
Lilyth Noir: One can only hope
Velsinn: heheh aye
Lilyth Noir: this concern is why UN will only use secondaries
Thrawn: exactly.. i think a lot will be wait and see...
Lilyth Noir: to faction
Windlord: The council of mages stuff that Grey is working on is the most work I have seen f
Windlord: from a roleplayers perspective
Amber Goldenrod: *nods*
Windlord: it could make things interesting
Velsinn: aye...I hate to say it but
Lilyth Noir: Aye, I think everyone is still very undecided
Velsinn: I think the reality is, factions will have very little to do with RP
Lilyth Noir: I agree
Thrawn: yes, unfortunately
Velsinn: but it is an outlet for folks who
Amber Goldenrod: I think there will be just as much RP as without factions....
Velsinn: enjoy pvp, but with at least some rationale behind it
Velsinn: like myself :)
Lilyth Noir: *grins*
Lilyth Noir: I always have rational
Velsinn: heheh
Lilyth Noir: when I PvP
Lilyth Noir: hehe
Velsinn: the issue of the PK guilds that you mentioned
Velsinn: is particularly applicable to all of us
Velsinn: since we have the honor of being home to Acid
Velsinn: ;P
Lilyth Noir: *laughs*
Velsinn: they'll be taking the shadowlord route
Thrawn: hrm
Windlord: I think SSJ and a few other names I did not know -x- mayby? are joining Shadow
Velsinn: SSJ are gone ;)
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Velsinn: but aye, X will
Lilyth Noir: Nay Sir SSJ is very active lately
Windlord: Well According to some they are coming back for factions
Velsinn: they are??
Velsinn: ahh
Velsinn: joy
Lilyth Noir: Aye, UN has a date with them later
Velsinn: heheh
Velsinn: any of the real ones?
Velsinn: gohan, QB, fable?
Velsinn: or just the leftovers ;)
Windlord: JKarlaxle gohan
Thrawn: hehe
Lilyth Noir: I don't really know that
Velsinn: oh my
Lilyth Noir: *grins* before my timwe
Windlord: Only names I recognized
Velsinn: well...that should be interesting
Thrawn: well
Thrawn: I think we have gotten some good things out of this meeting
Thrawn: anybody else have anything to add before we wrap things up?
Velsinn: just curious, how many folks do you think
Velsinn: will be interested in taking part?
Windlord: From Yew?
Velsinn: aye
Amber Goldenrod: I want to...
Windlord: Well I guess me ...
Amber Goldenrod: but I don't know about being with the True Brits.
Windlord: Vargen has always showed interest
Amber Goldenrod: Yes, he wants to try it.
Thrawn: I'd say probably most of the active people... but maybe via retainer
Velsinn: aye
Windlord: Right
Windlord: I would be by retainer
Thrawn: so number-wise.. probably around 10?
Thorin: im probably just going to stay in Trammel
Velsinn: oh I almost forgot
Windlord: I sort of got the impression Dune was not interested
Velsinn: something I spoke with Sun about awhile back
Thrawn: maybe a few more if some come out of the woodwork for factions
Velsinn: what I've been doing to get my folks ready
Velsinn: is running a 'fight night' every few weeks
Velsinn: 1 vs 1, 2 on 2, 4 on 4, and mass melee
Amber Goldenrod: Neat.
Velsinn: which in addition to being good practice
Velsinn: has also been alot of fun ;P
Lilyth Noir: well I must depart Lady and gentlemen
Velsinn: even some of our pacifists come out and get violent ;)
Lilyth Noir: I have one down at teh entrance to wrong
Velsinn: so...if yew would like to join us
Windlord: MY biggest problem with bowmaster is getting used to bandages
Thrawn: farewell, Lil, thanks for coming
Windlord: I keep reaplying to myself
Amber Goldenrod: *waves*
Velsinn: safe travels
Lilyth Noir: thanks for inviting me ...sorry to run off
Windlord: *waves*
Lilyth Noir: be well and blessings
Thrawn: thank you for the invite Velsinn, fight night sounds interesting
Velsinn: for our next fight night, to get some practice in, you are more than welcome
Amber Goldenrod: When is this?
Amber Goldenrod: [Urk...lagging]
Thrawn: I look forward to hearing more about what you decide for the guild
Velsinn: next one is, I believe, in a week
ResMe: ResMe seems a bit nervous.
Velsinn: I have to check with the coordinator
Amber Goldenrod: *nods*
Amber Goldenrod: Could you post the invite to the Yew board?
Velsinn: aye, same here...your decision may sway ours ;)
Velsinn: absolutely, amber
Amber Goldenrod: Great. Thanks.
Thrawn: thanks for coming Velsinn, giving us a look into another guild helps a lot
Velsinn: my pleasure :)
Thrawn: I encourage everybody to continue this discussion on the message board
Thrawn: anybody have anything else to add before we end for tonight?
Amber Goldenrod: Completely unrelated to anything...
Amber Goldenrod: anyone want some blue sandals or Fel stones?
Thrawn: heh
Velsinn: heheheh
Windlord: *smiles*
Windlord: I think I am oke
Amber Goldenrod: :)
Thrawn: okay, I think we'll end this meeting on that notw
Thrawn: note
Thrawn: *grins*
Thrawn: I am sure this topic will come up again
Thrawn: thanks for coming all
Velsinn: gd'eve lady and gents

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