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The Tal’mahe’Ra is a close-knit gathering of Vampires who seek to control the future of the mortals of Sosaria and lead them down the Dark path towards Oblivion. The Tal’mahe’Ra, or the True Black Hand, as it is sometimes called, manipulates the manipulators, betrays the betrayers, and hunts the hunters. The Hand existed when mortals were building their first towns, forming their first governments, and had influence in the birth of those creations. Within the hidden council chambers of their ancestral home, Enoch, the leaders of the Tal’mahe’Ra, the Wazirs, meet to decide the destiny of the Kine of Sosaria. These diabolical plots are implemented and carried out by the Nephilim and their many servitors and pawns.

The Kindred society is rich in politics and intrigue amongst themselves and mortal institutions alike. To be in the Tal'mahe'Ra is to immerse oneself into a world of shadowy conspiracies and eternal double dealings. Those who are truly of the Tal'mahe'Ra are masters of manipulation and cunning, who enslave all that they can control and betray all that they cannot.

Be warned, however, no one chooses to join the Tal’mahe’Ra…one can only be chosen…. Typically, the Hand watches a candidate for some time before making an offer, the period of ‘probation’ has no finite limits, though. Once accepted, the initiate will be paired with a mentor who guides and teaches, until such time as the initiate has learned the ways of the Sect and proves to be capable of serving Entropy and Oblivion on his or her own machinations.

OES Tal'mahe'Ra Rankings and Titles

Wazirs: Comprised of the following three seats of power in the Tal'mahe'Ra. The Wazirs meet with the Sheikhs and the Tribunal of Qadi to oversee the various affairs of the Kindred in the Tal'mahe'Ra.

Del'Roh - The Del'Roh is the Supreme ruler of the Tal'mahe'Ra. This figure is usually either voted in by the Wazirs or usurps the throne by Machiavellian methods, usually both. All are to obey the Del'Roh without question for to question the Master of Enoch is to face the fury of Oblivion.

Dark Seraph - A Second in command of the True Hand. This individual is culled from the mightiest of the Erinyes, Shakari and Qlippoth. This Wazir specializes in the maintenance of the Tal'mahe'Ra members, recruiting new blood to the Sect and defending the holdings of the True Black Hand. The Dark Seraph oversees the Cult of Erinyes and the Shakari as well as the Qlippoth with the Kindred Liche.

Kindred Liche - A Second in command of the True Hand. This individual is culled from the mightiest of the Rawis, Qadi and Qlippoth. This Wazir specializes in internal and external information gathering, enforcement of the laws of the Wazirs and the obtainment of ancient and modern lore and rituals for the Shadow Library. The Kindred Liche oversees the Qadi and Rawis as well as the Qlippoth with the Dark Seraph.

Qlippoth (Rank 5) - These are the most ancient of the Kindred. They have been called Methuselah's by some, walking nightmares by others and pure unadulterated evil by all. These vampires have survived the ages through cunning, manipulation, displays of great personal power and surviving the constant onslaught of younger Kindred and mortal society alike. These individuals are to be greatly respected and highly feared.

Kherebu (Rank 4) - When vampires reach a certain age, there are few above them who still hold power in vampire society. The Kherebu or Elders are the Kindred who are in control and who seek to dominate all the others. Most Kherebu are members of one of the Cults within the Tal'mahe'Ra such as the Cult of Erinyes, the Shakari or the Rawis. Kherebu tend to be scheming, ruthless and paranoid beings; they will do anything to hold onto their power structures, oppress or manipulate the younger "upstart" vampires, and destroy their rivals.

Dominion (Rank 3) - These Kindred are still young, but have proven themselves to the Kherebu. Dominions are most often vampires who have lived from three hundred to four hundred years of Unlife, though certain ambitious younglings may achieve the rank prematurely. The Dominions are the up-and-coming Kindred, the ones who play by the rules (usually) in order to achieve great power. Dominions often serve as aides and agents for Kherebu, Qlippoth or the Wazirs; they usually play their own power-games as well, though these are of lesser consequence than the manipulations of their elders. This is the rank between Neonate and Kherebu, where the vampire is given increasing respect and power.

Neonate (Rank 2) - These vampires have been recently released and presented to the Wazirs, though they have not yet made their mark in their society. Neonates barely rank higher than the Progeny, embraced within the last two hundred or so years. Though occasionally cherished, Neonates are often deployed as pawns by the scheming Kherebu and Qlippoth. This callous treatment often causes Neonates to resent their elders. The neonate is the caste of youngest vampires who have been released by their sires.

Progeny (Rank 1) - Lowest in rank are the Progeny, those vampires created less than fifty to one hundred years ago. Otherwise known as Childer, Vampires of this class have not yet been introduced to the Wazirs, nor have they been released by their Sires. They are not considered to be full members of vampire society and are thus shown no respect. They are, in short, treated as children.

Revenant (Rank 1) - A Ghoul who has proven himself to the True Hand and has been granted additional powers, rights and responsibilities. Some of the more venerable Revenants rival the younger Kindred in their personal power. All Revenants are highly prized by their Masters. One is advised to be weary in their treatment of the Revenants for only the most powerful Kindred have control over these ancient creatures.

SES Tal'mahe'Ra Rankings and Titles

(The below rankings are all considered rank 0 in the hierarchy of the Slave Stone. Some of these rankings may very well intermingle as the individual nature of the subject may cross more than one area of existence (i.e. a Ghoul Chatterling). In which case the more prevalent role that they will play shall be the title that is displayed.)

Thrall - The Thralls are either a mortal or Kindred who is blood bound to a Dominion or higher within the Tal'mahe'Ra. These thralls are considered to be slave initiates of the True Hand until they have proven their worth to both their Master as well as the Wazirs.

Chatterling - A mortal child or teenager who is either captured or lured into the service of the True Hand by one of the Erinyes or the Enrathi Ghouls. These Chatterlings are trained by the Cult of Erinyes. Once they have passed their training they are than allowed to choose the Clan in which they wish to join. All Chatterlings have very high ratings in the Roads of Enlightenment as humanity is stamped out of their psyche early on in their existence. They tend to make most powerful and ruthless Kindred once Embraced.

Ghoul - A former Kine who has gained certain powers by being blood bound to a Kindred for some time. These Ghouls may exist indefinitely so long as they meet the requirements of drinking Kindred blood. The more ancient they are the more frequent they must drink of Kindred vitae. Ghouls are bound to one Master or Mistress and may also advance to the Tal'mahe'Ra proper by following certain steps.

Shiqq - A human servant (often times blood bound) and oracle of the True Hand who have mystic powers in divining the future and giving advice.

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