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By Pierre

- Ammunition (arrows bolts), reagents, scrolls, bandages and any plain gm equipment and any gold on the person if stolen can be kept by the thief. This is because said items are easy to replace if not personally then by the guild. - Items that do not meet the criteria above such as artifacts, enhanced items minor artifacts, powerscrolls and regular magical items will not be kept by thieves as it is a lot harder to replace some of these. HOWEVER should it be necessary to steal the mentioned items in oder to avoid death then the thief may do so under the condition that the item will be given back to the person it was directly stolen from or one of ther eguild mates should they be in a guild. - As well as the above mentioned rules the bag rule should also be encouraged. This rule states that a thief can steal and keep anything put into said yellow bag. Please only have one yellow bag on you as to avoid confusion and DO NOT place anything in there that you do not want taken from you. - Never NEVER insure an item you stole from someone. I know this may not be fair for the thief but the hot item is not yours especially if it falls into the criteria of the second rule. And without it being insured they can get it back by force.

-**The ONLY time in which the second rule is not followed is when there is a rp plot involving a specific item to be stolen and given to someone else and all people invloved in the plot should be aware of this.**

- Should a guild member not follow the rules and steal something mentioned in the second rule it is the duty of the guild leader and fellow members of the guild to either get the item back from the culprit or replace the item by paying the victim gold equal to its worth or by getting the item to give to the victim.

Now: Dealing with a thief.

First off try not to metagame the thief. If he hasnt stolen from you, been caught, or you have not found out in game then you do not know he is a thief. Once you do find out you can use this information to better prepare yourself and even inform fellow guildmember but do not go screaming it to everyone on the shard. That is unfair to the thief (or any character that is metagamed) and childish. This goes for any character but I thought i would mention it again. With that out of the way I will state that these guidelines should not be taken as rules to use over a territories law just guidelines. Should you catch the thief in the act of stealing from you, your probably going to want to get your item back. If you do and the thief resists you can knock them out (IE kill them ingame) as long as there is a means to ressurect said thief. If the thief is killed it is allowed for the victim to reclaim the item AND ONLY the item that was stolen from you. This is why the thief should not insure the item. Also that unless a victim asks for help in catching the thief or you are a member of the law enforcment you should not go after the thief. Just because you notice someone stealing does not make it ok for everyone that can to gank the thief. Only the victim or proper authorities should deal with it.

These are guidelines that I feel if followed will take most the stress out of the stealing skill and will allow for productive Rp.

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