Journal by Garret Moore

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Day 1: I arrived upon this forsaken isle. Day 3: Found the ruins of an edifice. A tower? Day 4: Need shelter. Beginning to rebuild the tower. Day 7: Tower. Day 12: Tower. Day 21: Basic support foundation almost completed. Moving from temporary shelter tomorrow. Day 29: Expanding tower. Began research and experiments to produce livestock breeds for food. Day 45: Tower complete. Near miss with experiments. Life soon, I am sure of it! Day 73: I have done it! A combination of cells that reproduce without my assistance! Self-sustaining life is not far away! Day 97: I am near the answer, there is no doubt. But there are others who would see me fail! They change the sky to purple and hurl bolts of lightning towards me. Day 111: The others still seek to thwart me! I hear their voices commanding me to cease. I will never rest until I am done! Day 101: Again they come. They have sent a succubus to tempt me. "Kiss me, kiss me," is all she would say. "Nay" was my reply. I will be strong

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