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Important Note: All the work has been done from Step One to Step Seven. All the books have been converted into text files and uploaded to this location as a zip file. If you wish to skip the first seven steps, download and unzip the Repertory.7z file, from there you can begin at Step Eight.

Step One: Download and install the Ultima Online Enhanced Client from this link. Simply unzip and run the .exe file.

Step Two: Download and install Pinco's UI Mod from this link. Note: Pinco's UI must be unzipped into the root of the UO Enhanced Client folder before installation. (I.E. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced). Pinco's UI installs via the UI Patcher.exe file. If Pinco's freezes on the splash screen, run the UI Patcher.exe file again and start the client through that file instead.

Step Three: Open the UO Enhanced client. Before logging in, click on the "Custom UI" button on the right hand side of the window. Change the UI to Pinco's UI. Login as normal. Once in game, press "ESC" to access the main menu. Click "User Settings" then "Options" and scroll down to the "Tools" sub header. Click the check box beside "Book Log". This will allow Pinco's UI to copy books to a text file on your hard drive.

Step Four: Open the folder you installed the Enhanced Client into. Open the "Logs" folder, then the "Books" folder. This is where each book will be copied as a separate text file. I.E. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced\logs\Books

Step Five: Go in game to The Grand Britannian Repertory, located here.

Step Six: Each shelf has a designation to it. I.E. Dark Lore, History, Legends and Tales, etc... Pick a shelf and work only on that shelf until completed. Focusing on one shelf at a time makes things more organized and makes it easier for others to pick up where you left off.

Step Seven: Open the backpack in the shelf containing the books. There may be two backpacks or more per shelf, depending on the number of books in that shelf. Click on the first book. Wait for a few seconds as Pinco's processes the data and creates a text file. Within a few seconds, depending on your system speed, a text file with the book title will appear. You can continue to do this for every book on that shelf. Once that is done, it is time to copy them to the Wiki.

Step Eight: Open the first text document. Inside should be something that looks similar to this format:

[20/04/16][23:00:22] -


Title: The Art of Love

Author: Ovid


While youre still free, and can roam on a loose rein,

Pick one to whom you could say: "You alone please me."

Step Nine: Create an account on the Wiki, and when logged in, type in the title of the book in the text box on the left hand side of the Wiki interface where the "Go" and "Search" bar is. Press "Go". It will direct you to a page that says "Create the page X on this Wiki, where X is the title of the page you typed in. Click the red lettering there and it will open up the new page for editing.

Step Ten: Copy and paste the text of the book starting with the title, do not copy the top bar of lines or the date/time stamp. Paste that text in the text box you have open on the Wiki. Optionally, add three commas around the beginning and end of the title and the author to bold those titles. I.E. '''The Art of Love'''. At the very bottom of the text, add in a category marker. This line of code will auto sort your submission into the correct section of the Wiki. So if the book was from the shelf "Poetry & Song" you would add in at the very bottom [[Category:Poetry and Song]]. Click "Save Page" when done.

Review: The final product should look similar to this page The Art of Love. If you wish to see the formatting, click that page and hit "edit" and you will see an example of how it should be formatted. Once you get the hang of it, the process should take 30 seconds per book.

Notes: Some categories may be slightly different on the Wiki than in the Repertory. To see all the proper categories on the Wiki, click this link. The shelf "Ter Mur" has the same books as the shelf "Ter Mur and Special". The "Ter Mur" shelf can therefore be skipped. Once the shelves are done, there are more books in storage. We can add these to the "New Additions" category on the Wiki en masse, then sort them from that category into the correct one once all is done. If you encounter duplicate titles or books without names (or named "A Book"), add the author into the title as well. I.E. A Book by Joe Smith. If the author is the same, feel free to get creative with the titles. I.E. A Book by Joe Smith Part One.

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