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The Breath of Life

Part 1 - Written by Ceinwyn ab'Arawn

"The time we have been waiting for has at last arrived, sisters. The scarlet man is working his cleansing magic."

Three spirits appeared in the stone lab of Dealthagar's keep and moved to gather to the side of the mechanical circle in which stood their kin. They stood, patient as ancient oaks as Dealthagar performed his ritual on their Ceinwyn. The oldest of them spoke once more.

"Once the last of the corruption is gone, we will be able to strengthen our bond."

Gentle words came then from the younger woman at her side.

"It has been so long since I have spoken with my wayward sister, there is no doubt she would have many tales to share." She turned to look to her white-haired niece beside her. "I am sure there is much you also would like to say to her, Maelwyn."

"I hold no resentment toward my mother. I only wonder at her torment. Do you think this will completely remove the corruption? Oblivion has a nasty habit of lingering, and I would have her completely freed."

"That is where we come in. Once we know that Dealthagar's magic is working, we must concentrate and focus our energies on her. We must ensure that his success is as complete as possible. This is the only chance we will have to remove all of that taint from her being. It is the only last chance that Ceinwyn will ever receive from the Dream." Slight nods came from the other women as they all poured their full attention on the workings of the technomancer.

"He gives so much of himself to help her," Fallon remarked as, through Dealthagar's guidance, light began to build within the circle. "It could kill him if he is not careful."

"He will come close to dying, but he will not pass beyond the gates." Ceridwyn assured them, "She was fortunate to have found one with such talent."

"I find myself questioning that statement, my aunt. Perhaps it was he that found her," Maelwyn whispered.

"Alright, it is nearly time. Take your places, ladies. Thankfully, our presence ought to go unnoticed. They are both far too busy. Our song will fortify the light and replace what was lost so many years ago."

The three druidesses each took a position equidistant around the circle. Within, the light was reaching bright crescendo, brighter even to their immortal eyes. Without, they held hands and they began to sing, soft and ethereal in tone, of the secrets of life and nature. Words only those who have passed on from the mortal plane in the service of the earth have the privilege to know and understand.

Dealthagar stepped close to Ceinwyn and reached out to his beloved. He placed his hand to the center of her chest and began to concentrate. Like a bolt of fire, the raw energy of life left him and flooded into her.

The ethereal women gasped in awe as they witnessed the shift, for they had never seen such a thing firsthand. In that act, the druidesses had felt the transference of pure life energy from Dealthagar to Ceinwyn and finally understood what had puzzled them about that part of the prophecy.

The gear of life burns once to spin, the flame ignites the woods within.

Fallon felt a sudden, strong urge to thank the technomancer for his sacrifice for her daughter. As she felt him withdraw from the energy transfer, she quickly ripped her hand free from Ceridwyn's grasp and placed her palm to his chest. As his energy returned to him, a spark also passed from her touch to ride along.

"I mark you, Dealthagar. Be thee as earthborn. Accept my gift, as I will not forget your gift to my child."

She rejoined her hand to her younger daughter's. Together, the spirits faded from the room along with the ethereal light. It was over.

They had done what they could.

The rest was up to Ceinwyn.

Part 2 - Written by Dealthagar

Dealthagar watched from the doorway as his beloved drifted into sleep. He watched and timed her breaths as her chest rose and fell. Reading the dials on his gauntlet, he smiled as all of the readings came back within normal tolerances. Switching to his own biometer, his eyes darkened. The effort had taxed him far more than he had expected. Lucklily, his own cure was not that far away.

--- "Sir Amudosa? Is something wrong?"

The Blood Knight looked up from his platter of poached fish and elven waybread. Scowling at his squire, he pushed the plate away. His tether to the Source felt strained and the collective sounded distant. Dreams of an elven woman with purple eyes he did not recognize had haunted him for days. "I am fine Giles. Go polish my lance. I am expected to make an appearance this afternoon at the tourney."

As the boy scurried away a human with long red hair clad in robes sat down at the table. "Disturbing feeling, isn't it?" Amudosa stared in surprise as the man took a long drink of the mug of Barleybrew Stout he carried. "I mean, here you are, stuck in this god's-forsaken, nearly abandoned city, knowing you are meant for far more, but unable to build up the motivation to do so."

The elf opened his mouth to reply, when it dawned on him, the man spoke to him while drinking. Thought touch. His green eyes flared in anger, fear and disbelief. "A reflection? How is this possible? You cannot be here! It is forbidden!"

The red-haired human finished the mug and set it down on the table. "It is forbidden for two viable reflections to exist in a single pattern. The Source has no issues with one reflection coming to grant another's final wish."

"Final wi...?'

Bolts of purple lightning struck the sindorei. As the elf burst into a cloud of golden particles, Dealthagar drew the essence of his reflection into himself. The biometer flashed, and in a moment, the Technomancer was whole and restored. As he faded back out of the pattern he murmured. "Perhaps we will joust again. "

Original Post Date: Wed Oct 05, 2011

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