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Out of Balance

Dealthagar slipped from the bed, tying a simple black wrap around his waist. He watched the rise and fall of his wife's chest in the dim half-light of their bed chamber. For now, she slept. She had been spending most of her time in their joined library researching, or at one of the various libraries of the realm. He was unsure of the focus of her research, or if she was even researching or simply reading to pass the time, but the time apart made the time together all the sweeter. He bent and kissed her forehead and smiled as she murmured an "I love you." before returning to sleep. Her vampiric sleep schedule gave him the perfect time to dedicate his work to Nujel'm without it taking time away from them, something his "shade" had never learned to manage.

He swept from the room, Sularis patiently waiting for him. "What news?"

Sularis presented his lord a fresh cup of kafe and a plate of pomegranate, pear slices and buttered toast. After wiping his clawed hands, he placed a bundle of official documents on the edge of the table. "Immigration numbers are low, but the city is quiet. The city watch has been keeping crime to a virtual null. The castellan believes the relief to the slums and the extra dock work for the Burning Empire has much to do with it. The joust did well for the city coffers. A good number of merchants reported an upswing in profits that week." The gargoyle paused; looking over a sheet then placed it in front of Dealthagar. "No ambassadors or attaches have arrived or sent word on the wing of gargish infantry you sent to secure the Moonglow moon gate."

The technomancer took a forkful of the tangy seeds and a small wedge of the sweet white fruit and brought it to his mouth. "So things are...quiet." Savoring the flavor of the two fruits he nodded once at his major-domo.

Sularis nodded back. "Yes, my lord. Quite."

"And our allies?"

Sularis picked up another bundle of documents and began flipping through them. "Apparently there have been some hostilities between Stonegate and Magincia, but intelligence reports are unclear. Given your relationship with the magnate and your son-in-law, I assumed you would want to look into it personally."

Taking a bite from his toast, Dealthagar nodded. "Send orthons to both, letting them know my desire to see each separately. I consider Nujel'm to be at least on friendly relations with both, until we can get formal treaties in place."

Sularis nodded. "I've heard rumors of inter-Trade Federation squabbling or conflicts."


"If you truly wish to step into Emperor's old seat, your aloofness lately will not serve you well."

Dealthagar scowled and took a sip of his kafe. "I have been dutiful to Nujel'm."

Sularis crossed his arms. "You have the stigma of your shade and his actions hanging over your head. Many will still associate you with him. His madness, his depravity, his violent and reproachful experiments..."

"ENOUGH!" His eyes crackling with rage, Dealthagar narrowed his sight on his slave. "It would do you well to remember your place. I am your master, not your pupil or child. You will not rebuke me."

Sularis bowed his head. "I only do as you have asked, my master. You bid me to speak honest and true with you. There is no disrespect, my lord. You are a politician now, not a religious leader or a despot. How the world sees you, your people, your citizens, your charges, your peers...if you wish them to respect you, to see you as a calming voice of reason in the storm, you have to cultivate and grow that appearance. To be a man of the people, you must be out among the people. This is not the Dark Awakening; you will not incite these masses with religious fanatical fervor. This is not the Order. You will not cow them with fear. It is a new era. You must inspire them with deeds and actions and presence. All things you are capable of. All things you must do to be the leader you wish to be seen as. I am eve your servant, and I merely speak the words none, save your bride, would dare say to you."

Dealthagar closed his eyes, and began to rub the knot of worry that furrowed his brow. "Well enough." His words with a simple wave of his hand were all the dismissal Sularis needed. "Politics. Damned politics." He hated to admit it, but the gargoyle was right.

The sun was barely risen and the day had already taken a sharp turn into aggravation. He would need to make an appearance tonight at whatever festivity was going on. He would need to be more present at Trade union meetings. He sighed. He'd rather return to his bedchamber and wake his wife. Perhaps before he went to the Palace, he would. There had to be a balance between the simple pleasures of his life and the business of being the High Technocrat and Lord Governor. He had to find the centerpoint before everything spun out of control again.

Original Post Date: Mon Dec 13, 2010

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