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Player: Dealthagar
Place of Birth: Moonglow
Class: Technomancer
Guild: The Divine Awakening
Personal Data
Aliases: None
Race: Human (technomantic implants)
Age: Varies by account
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185
Eye Color: Naturally Violet Blue
Hair Color: Unnaturaly Red
Biographical Data
Residence: Manor ab'Amudosa, near Ter Mur Moongate, formerly Awakenings Tower, near Trinsic
Former Guilds: The Dark Awakening, The Order of the Ebon Skull
Marital Status: Married - Ceinwyn ab'Arawn
Relatives: Zilthai Locke, Son with Isilmea Locke (deceased), Anna, Wife (deceased/missing), Cerys ab'Amudosa (daughter with Ceinwyn ab'Arawn), Kuex ab'Amudosa (son with Ceinwyn ab'Arawn), Eira ab'Amudosa (daughter with Ceinwyn ab'Arawn)
Magus of Flesh, High Necromancer of the Ebon Skull, Herald of Oblivion, Oracle of Control, Member of the Dark Triumvarate (Dealthagar, Anna, Unity), Technocrat Primus of Sosaria
Technomancer, Plainswalking, Omnilingualist, Tantric Magic, former Entropic Archmagi, Seer, Vicissitude and other Vampiric Abilities,
Unique Equipment
Technomantic replacements for his left hand up to the elbow, and his right arm up to the mid bicep. Several internal organs replaced with technomantic equals



He has sharp angular features and deep set deep blue/violet eyes. He appears to be middle aged, with age lines and crow’s feet, but his skin is remarkably scar and blemish free. His left hand to the mid forarm, and his right arm to the mid bicep are missing, and have been replaced with delecatly etched golden technomantic replacements. The hands themselves are broad, while the fingers are quite long and thin, like a pianist's hands. He has open shown the the hands can reconfigure at his will to produce a number of tools he uses in the Technomantic arts, as well as controlling larger Technomantic devices through a control panel on the back of the left gauntlet.

His clothing varies, initially preferring shades of regal purples, bright golds, white and black, but has recently drifted towards earthy browns and natural greens. Robes are not common but seem to go on whims.

It was not uncommon for him during his tenure with the Order of the Ebon Skull to wear a leather mask that lacks eyehole, as it was a symbol of his station as the Herald of Oblivion.


Pre-Sosarian Origins

The Scholomance holds a tome that tells of the Herald of Oblivion's origin, that marks his birth as an event from another world, four thousand years earlier. His early days with the Order of the Ebon Skull would suggest otherwise. Few have pressed him for a more complete answer.

Joining the Order of the Ebon Skull


Dealthagar - Herald of Oblivion

Whatever his Origin, the living mage Dealthagar made his way to Caina where he pledged his allegiance to Oblivion, the Ebon Skull and the Lich Lord Azalin. Azalin looked into the young mage's soul and declared that he was bound for greatness in the Order, and big Mesostopholes to take care initiating him.

When the first choice for master was found wanting, Mesostopholes took the Necromancer as his personal charge and began his shaping in earnest. Under the elder Necromancer's tutelage, Dealthagar's natural talents for the manipulation and harvesting of flesh became apparent. In less than half the time of any before him, Dealthagar rose to the rank of Magus. Dealthagar's sojourns to the lands of the lightbringers, often with one or two apprentices in tow to study the lightbringers, became a habit he maintained, even as High Necromancer.

Under his watchful eye, the Necromancers of the Ebon Skull went from a few disjointed twisted scholars, to a band of the most feared magi on the planet. Names that still draw fear, like Rune Artisem, Xavori, Alucard, Pandora the Fallen and Dryzzid, came to prominence under his tutelage and focus. The Paths of Necromancy, a system of schools and degrees that became the hallmark for advanced practitioners of the Dark Arts were crafted and cultured during his reign.

For his service, Azalin and Bal-Anon Dak sacrificed Dealthagar's eyes to the Maw of Oblivion, creating a direct link from the bowels of the Abyss to Dealthagar's soul. Imbued with the Vision of the Damned and the Eyes of Oblivion, Dealthagar became the Herald of Oblivion, the Voice of the Void, and a prophet of the Grand Convergence. He acted as Azalin's personal advisor, often acting as the dissenting voice in Council meetings.

The Rise of Technomancy and the Dark Awakening

Years of dominance bred complacency. Without a challenge, Dealthagar grew restless. Acting as Azalin's voice to Shadow Conclave meetings, Dealthagar met and struck up an unlikely romance with Anna, warlord of the Cult of Infernal Necromancy.

Yew had been a thorn to both organizations, yet other than the Stormreaver's dominance of the Felucca facet, no action had been taken against them. Both saw it as an insult to their own power.

As Dealthagar began to study the newly discovered art of Technomancy, Anna came to him with a plan. She had seduced an old lord of the land, and he had turned his castle over to her care. She would gather an army, and take the city. All she needed was a leader of men. A face, a voice, a being of purpose and conviction.

Dealthagar's studies of Technomancy and the Gargish virtues had been leading the Herald to a different path than the Anti-Virtues the Church of Oblivion preached. Dealthagar and the rest of the council had several lengthy arguments and debates, that lead to Dealthagar being threatened with discorporation as a traitor to the Skull. When Technomancy was banned in Caina, Dealthagar threw down his red robes and left the land of ice, seemingly to never return.

Arriving in Yew, Anna and Unity presented him robes of gold and purple to the forces they amassed. Christening the troops as "The Dark Awakening", the cheer of men, and the drums of war beat in his ears. A culture of violence was about to be born.

The Second Yew Wars

Dealthagar, Anna and Unity, as the Dark Triumvirate whipped their army into a frenzy. Destiny was something you took by the throat and made your own. The Gods were false, the Britannian Virtues and Anti-Virtues were hollow. The Path of Singularity was the path of true enlightenment, and its followers could do anything.

Within weeks, Awakening outposts and advances surrounded the city of Yew, conquering most of the northwestern corner of the continent. Technomantic forges worked day and night, crafting profane and horrific weapons of war. Immense vats of strange chemicals grew drone soldiers to fill the ranks. Survival of the fittest was the rule. Weakness and laziness was not tolerated, the unfit torn to bits and fed to troops in grand feasts of vile debauchery.

Once the Awakening marched on Yew, the battle was never in question. Most Yew soldiers died still readying their weapons, unready for the fervor and ferocity of their foes. Even the interference of the Regency and several bands of knights, soldiers and allies to the Yewish government did little. Within months, there was no more challenge to the Awakening's rule - it was absolute.

The Fall of the Awakening and the Ascension

Internal treachery and the machinations of small minded officers lead to conflicts within the Awakening. In the end, Anna disappeared, turning away from Dealthagar. In his despair, Dealthagar left the Awakening to Unity, a man he called brother, and returned to his secret estate on the outskirts of Caina.

Dealthagar tried several times, to move on with his life, recapture his existence before the Awakening, or find solace, but nothing filled the hollow in him. Repeated betrayals and hollow promises caused him to fall into a great despair. A brief alliance and dalliance with he queen of the elves bore him a son and a reborn human form, but it could not mend the cracks in his spirit.

Returning to the Shrine of Singularity, Dealthagar called upon all the magics and faith he had ever commanded, and willed himself to the universe, flinging his consciousness far from Sosaria.

The Return


Dealthagar - The High Necromancer

After decades away, Dealthagar returned to Sosaria. His mind fractured, the realm changed, he found himself drawn to people and places he could not name, but knew. Faces from his mind's eye haunted him, his world and the memories of his lost time nothing more than shadows and myth.

His memories still imperfect, he rejoined the small band of necromancers left in Umbra, drawn by the natural entropy of the land. During the ceremony activating an entropic artifact of great power, the Maw of Oblivion re-established it's connection to his souls, rotting out his eyes and returning the Vision of the Damned to him, yet leaving his form mortal.

The Herald of Oblivion walked the realm once again. The will of Darrien Church, the current Lich Lord of the Ebon skull, had renamed him to his position as the High Necromancer. Given free license to practice his chosen art, Dealthagar blended the best and worst aspects of Necromancy and Technomancy, much to the horror of any who would seek to oppose him or the Order.

The Simulacrum

After a year of house imprisonment by the Order of the Ebon Skull, rumors of a second Dealthagar surfaced. One seemingly free of the taint of entropy and fully in line with the ideals he upheld as the Oracle of Control with the Divine Awakening. The "Awakened" Dealthagar claimed the "Umbran" Dealthagar is a sham and a fake, an experiment gone awry. In a confrontation facilitated by Ceinwyn ab'Arawn, the "Umbran" Dealthagar came to understand and accept his artificial existance.

Using some of the same techniques developed for curing vampirism as well as the original soul-forging technomancy, the taint of Oblivion was cleansed from the simulacrum, leaving it incomplete. Dealthagar intigrated the essence of the cleansed simulacrum into himself, gaining it's memories and experiences. The events of reintigration led to Dealthagar and Ceinwyn renewing thier vow of fidelity to each other, restoring thier marriage.

The Cure


After curing his wife of her vampirism with a sliver of his own life, Dealthagar found himself being drawn to natual and Druidic magics. The cure had been infused by the legacy of Maelwyn, which passed to their firstborn daughter, Cerys ab'Amudosa. While still lingering with the essence before Cerys came into her birthright fully, Ceinwyn gave birth to a pair of twins, Kuex (son) and Eira (daughter). As the family has begun identifying themselves as "ab'Amudosa" it may be assumed that "Amudosa" may be Dealthagar's real name, although first or last has not been confirmed.

After his daughter came fully into her power during a summer high double moon, both Dealthagar and Ceinwyn have noticably returned to the dark blues, greys and purples they wore before the vampiric cure.

His existence, his story in ongoing. The next chapter is only an experiment away.

Other Information(In Progress)

  • Third being to hold the station of High Necromancer of the Ebon Skull (after Pazuzu and Mesostopholes)
  • Apprenticed in the Ebon Skull to Mesostopholes personally
  • Rebuilt the Necromancers of the Skull from a few hidden individuals, to a prominant force of dozens of feared Magi.
  • Created the Necromantic Paths
  • Conquered Yew (Trammel Facet) handily as the Lord of the Dark Awakening and held it for several years.
  • Served the Regency as Grand Marshall, Sherrif and High Justicar.
  • Holds the station of Technocrat Primus of Sosaria; considered to be the foremost Technomancer in the realm.
  • Holds a cure for Vampirism, and has cured at least two.




Turning of The Gear - Part 1: The Waking World - Dealthagar returns to Sosaria, but missing parts of the whole.
Turning of The Gear - Part 2: The Dreams of the Dead - The dreams of a man long dead lead the amnesiac ancient to his past, and his destiny.
Turning of The Gear - Part 3: The Broken Tooth - In the end, Oblivion devours all.


"I Deserve This." - Sularis' flesh is reshaped, and in his agony, he remembers why he pays the price of slavery


Fire and Blood (Mature) - Unable to possess the woman he wants, Dealthagar hunts for a replacement.
For Her Sins - When you cannot punish the guilty, where do you turn?
Manusophilia - noun: A sexual fetish for hands
Consuming Hunger - The first frenzy is the hardest
The Human Condition - Dealthagar's sire is displeased with his progress discarding his humanity.
The Joining - Out with the old, in with the new.
Inspiration of the Damned - Technomancy, Entropy and Vicissitude make for strange bedfellows.


Blood Red, Emerald Green, Ash Grey - Caught ins a web of his own passions by an attacker unknown, the Herald suffers as his body burns with disease
The Hunger of a Beast - One night, and all he wants is her.
Ouroborous - An ancient disrespected, an enemy made.
Love and Shadows - Which is stronger, damnation or love?
Washing Away - Betrayed Dealthagar comes to understand the 4th age of the Ebon Skull



The Wonderwork - His greatest labor, his grandest creation, all for her.
The Unraveling - What is truly seen by the eyes of the Seer of Entropy?


Memories - The First Gear - Dealthagar recalls the events that lead him to the art of Technomancy, and the current existance he has.


The Truth of Pain - When the Damned needs clarity in his visions, where can he turn?


All For Naught - In the aftermath of the Drow kidnapping, Dealthagar must find a path for his seeress to walk, or lose her to her rage.
Dissolution - Finally understanding the path he must walk, Dealthagar decides to walk it alone.


Angelina - Solitary existance and confinement begins to wear on the Herald of Oblivion


No Release, No End - A lifetime of servitude changed with the application of mercy by Dealthagar for Sularis


Redemption - The end of the Vampire Dealthagar and the healing of old wounds.


Out of Balance - As Governor of Nujel'm, old acts and memories of his shade linger



The Breath of Life - Dealthagar cures another vampire of undeath: his wife (Two part, one part written by Ceinwyn ab'Arawn)


Footfalls Onto the Green - Life, Visions and the Next Chapter



Leaves Turn, Flowers Bloom, Seeds Grow - Dealthagar and Ceinwyn welcome thier first born into the world

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