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Bâhum màkté, Fîghal màkté, Ikârate digal let flûke ikatöre. Basak Lökté màs ad avrak nàkar

Oblivion has commanded That there should be a Communion of his servants. That his children should Join together in holy vision.

Those whose destiny it is to bring that to pass Belong to the Clergy of Oblivion.

We are the bond that brings the sects together. We are the shadow in the darkness Our methods are our own. Our purposes solely of Oblivion.

Agrâk nagh mïgàl et zhûm - Lök emphème tîz anak lit anar - Stöik eghême lôt mäz mïgàl - Abrûk nakar et lokîm Etheng

The hand of Oblivion acts in many unknown ways, most of which, ye are not worthy to know of. Few, indeed only very few can ever come to know the essence of Oblivion. For them there is the clergy.

In the land of Britannia we have dedicated ourselves to promoting those values that are the antithesis of those promoted by our puppet king.

Members of the clergy tirelessly endeavor to bring about the time when one and all recognize the depravation of false truths presented as virtues.

There are no particular requirements save one of complete dedication to the purposes of our God and the guild.

Oblivion is the end and Oblivion is the beginning.

The Entropic Chant

I am the thorn in the foot, I am the blur in the sight I am the worm at the root, I am the thief in the night I am the rat in the wall, the leper that leers at the gate I am the ghost in the hall, herald of horror and hate I am the rust on the corn, I am the smut on the wheat Laughing man's labor to scorn, weaving a web for his feet. I am canker and mildew and blight, danger and death and decay The rot of the rain by night, the blast of the sun by day I warp and wither with drought, I work in the swamp's foul yeast I bring the black plague from the south and leprosy in from the east I am the shrill cold spirit that chills the darkness you feel after dark I am the chaos that tears stars apart. You cannot escape me You cannot defeat me You can only embrace me

Cleric Classes and Requirements

The Margrah

Requirements: Anatomy, Healing, Spirit Speak or Meditation

They are the warrior class. This class of cleric thrives in battle. Utterly dedicated to un-death, they tirelessly keep the blood lust of the undead at a seething boil.

As the Margrah rise in power and stature, so gaining the favour of the High Priest they may become Anti-Paladins. This is the pure dark knight... dedicated to the destruction of the enemies of Oblivion and the obliteration of those who follow the Light.

The Dugah

Requirements: Magery, Meditation, Spirit Speak

The mage class of cleric concerns itself largely with the furthering of all knowledge within the guild. They also protect this knowledge. They are surpassed in their contempt of life only by their lust for knowledge . Introduction

Both clerical classes share the common goals of the clergy. These are the spreading of the word of Oblivion, the ongoing work for the Codex of Oblivion, and the role of spiritual guide for all the sects.

Some clerics peruse a life of knowledge in a purity that sets them apart as pure scholars. As such they are referred to as the scholars of the guild. Much of the Lore surrounding Oblivion has been kept from the teeming masses of Britannia for very long now. This is going to change. And, for thee, reader, come thou here again and learn of what makes a follower of the priesthood in the Ebon Skull.

Notes on the Margrah and Dugah

The Margrah have a kind of duality in the class as their warrior rank is somewhat independent of their official status in the clergy. An Anti Paladin by definition is a priest, but the Black Knight is also something else... something terrible. None save the paladins themselves and the High Priest know of this.

A Margrah or Dugah can gain special status when they the slay the enemies of the Night. For every ten enemies they kill, they receive the emblem of the Skull. The most ruthless and powerful of the Margrah eventually rise to become Anti Paladins wherein amongst their duties they become protectors of the Skull and become the High Priest's own. The Dugah eventually rise to important clerical positions in the sect.

Other ways priests acquire stature are through their writings. Be it through the taking down into scroll of the history of the guild or the discovery of dark magics, all priests know the power of the scroll and use it masterfully.

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