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Seeking more information

Jasper McCarrin

UP: Britannia

With no new information forthcoming, I decided to turn to the person who knew the most about the fell beings who had attempted to cast the armageddon spell, CrawWorth. Unfortunately, he was well beyond reach exploring new lands at the behest of our king, Lord British. It also occurred to me that perhaps he would be returning soon..


The last person I knew of who had spoken to CrawWorth was Renee. Renee, if you'll remember, is the wife of one of the fighters in CrawWorth's band of adventurers. Xarot being his name. I had last seen her at the castle of Lord British, so I again made my way there. Sure enough, there she was amongst the fruit trees in the courtyard.

I asked Renee if she knew when CrawWorth and Xarot would be returning.

"I wish... oh, how I wish... I knew. They did not know how large the lands they would be exploring would be, so did not try to set a date for their return," she replied. "Soon, reports should begin returning from them to the castle. That is why I am staying here. I wish to hear word of mine husband."

"Did CrawWorth say anything about the armageddon group before leaving?" I asked.

"Oh no. They were in too big a rush to leave and ... Hmmm... he did mention something, come to think of it." Renee paused. " I cannot concentrate at the moment. I haven't been able to eat much of late, but am suddenly famished. I shall go get a bit of food to settle mine stomach. And then I shall return to here. Come back later, after I've eaten, and ye may ask me again about CrawWorth."

I thanked her and wished her a happy meal before leaving the castle grounds. Strolling through Britain, I mused over what Renee had said. Having heard a bit about how intensely CrawWorth had been searching for these criminals, I suspected he wouldn't have just let it drop so easily. I couldn't help but wonder what he might have discovered. Luckily, it sounded as if Renee would be at the castle at least until word of her husband reached her. So she would be quite easy to find and speak with...

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