Trinsic Regatta
by: Rellik
< A fair crowd arrives to enjoy Lily Prower’s sponsored boat race.

Picture provided by Lily
     The afternoon of the Trinsic Regatta could not of fair any better for weather, it was rather sunny and from the shore line the seas looked calm. Many people showed for the Regatta that was being held. I arrived that afternoon to be amazed at the site of so many people interested in the sailing of the seas for sport. Shortly after my arrival a man that was later identified as Eland began to take entries for the afternoons event. As many gathered around and talked of who they were thinking to be the winner of the competition, Eland called the contestants to him and began to speak the rules of the race. The rules were to be first each contestant on the mark of go must then recall to thier ships that layed upon the starting line. Then each was to reach a destination marked in a book. Once the destination was reached they then was to drydock the vessel and gather yet another book with more coordinates in it then set sail once again. This race was to be a five leg race. It was during this time that the rules of the race were spoke that we all now saw that there was only three brave souls to face the seas in a race. The names were that of Megellan,Zil, and Eliphas Binael.

       Soon the race began and the contestants began to travel to thier ship with the exception of one, Eliphas Binael who seemed to have much trouble gathering the magical energy needed to get to his ship. It seemed at this point that Eliphas had little to no chance of succeeding in this race. Just when everyone seemed to have given up on this Eliphas person he did what was needed and magically returned to his ship. Not long afterward Eland returned and gave word that all three had made it to the first leg and was on thier way to the next leg of the race. Unbelieveably Eland had reported to me that that it was Zil that made the first leg first then remarkably Eliphas then Magellan but that all contestants were very close and now on way to second leg. After some time of waiting patiently for word of how the race was going Eland began to speak up. He reported back that Magellan was the first to reach the second leg, there was no word as of this point where Zil and Eliphas was at in this leg. Soon word reached the beach that Magellan was well on way to third part of race and that the pidgeon relaying news had been lost at sea.

       Tensions on the shore line were becomming tense wondering were the racers were at and how things were fairing at sea. After some tense moments and as the sun began to fall news once again reached us at the shore line, where we all were looking to the seas for the racers. The report from Eland was that Magellan had made it to the third leg and had begun his voyage onto the forth section of the race. Eland also reported that there was still no sightings of the other two racers. Many began to wonder if the other had been eaten by fierce beast of the seas. I asked Eland what his thoughts about the way things were going and he stated "Magellan seems to have a commanding lead and that Zil and Eliph still had not reached the second leg.

      As the time was passing from the last report yet another man appeared and began to give us some news of the happening of the race. The man dressed oddly in my eyes and had a dodo on his head. He called himself Sir Robert. When asked if he had any news of the two sailors that were missing he stated "One somehow ended up in Cove. There was still no news of the other." I asked this Sir Robert "Which person had gone to Cove?" Robert quikly replied back in a somewhat laughter tone "Zil". Not long after a new report came in that Zil had finally made it to the second leg but unfortunately Eliphas was still not seen. The report also stated that Magellan had made it to the fouth point of the race and was on his way to the finish point. Maraclessly enough word had reached us that Zil had made it to third mark and was on his way to the fourth leg.

     At this point it was starting to become a race indeed as it seemed Zil was begining to make up for lost time. But unfortunately most of the spectators had to leave. Soon it was only I with the few sponsors of the event standing on shore waiting for the outcome. Not long after a boat appeared in the distant, not sure who it was people began to cheer. The tension of whom was arriving first was relieved as the face of the person was revealed as he reached the shore. Magellan had won the race. Yet a final report came in that the one known as Zil was again lost at sea and that it was apparent that Eliphas had become Serpent bait.
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