Regency Net Toss
by: Ellesbeth
From all accounts the Regency net toss provided hours of fun as well as various challenges.
Bartholomew said a prayer from the docks to bless the trip of those that took part in the net toss. 

Highlights of the event included Lia crashing several times into land at the beginning as she had not sailed before or had little experience. Eventually she acquired her sea legs and steered the ship like a pro. However, the waves were quite dangerous and when crossing over the larger waves Porthos fell overboard, but with luck we were finally able to retrieve him from the dangers of the sea.

We had lots of colored nets so we had plenty of monsters to kill. The loot was incredible but the fight to get at it was tough. The seafarers that arrived to take part provided us great entertainment and were quite good at combat. For moments it seemed like we were aboard a pirate ship with all the sailor slang being shouted around!

At the end of the event Lady Lia spotted a rat aboard the ship. We al began trying to catch it before the ship could be dry docked. We were quite surprised that when the rat was caught it had a tag around its neck! We contacted the owned immediately so he could take the rat home.
     Fisherman's Prayer

May an Honest wind fill the sails.
And Compassion guide the tiller.
To give us Virtue on the seas.
May we show Humility for the seas.
And have a Spirituality with the seas.
To give us Virtue on the seas.
May the Sacrifice of nets and bait.
And bring us Justice in our catch.
To give us Virtue on the seas.
May our Valor defeat the sea's worst.
And with Honor respect the depths.
To give us Virtue on the seas.
< Losts of monsters were defeated at the net toss!

Bartholomew's Event Prayer   
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