Past and Future
by: -Isk
The ideology of Humanis has had a profound influence upon history...
In this essay I will discuss the reasons for why the Hand of Humanis was created and disbanded in an effort to prove that both steps were necessary according to the times.
From its conception to the present the notion that humans are superior to all other life forms has taken hold and spread. As we all know the height of the movement was when a guild formed out of the belief.

eflecting upon the past it is hard to say wether the creation of a guild from a universal ideology was a good idea as it shrunk the possibility of gaining converts from other guilds and turned the belief into a recruitment tool for the Hand of Humanis. Although Humanis belief states that one can not look upon the errors of the past and to instead focus on humanity’s inevitable destiny it is never the less necessary to deliberate upon the overall successes and failures of the Hand of Humanis.
A self portrait of Isk the author of this article and the man responsible for creating the ground work for all that was and is Humanis.
The Hand of Humanis formed in a time when elf, dwarf and orc based guilds exerted great influence over Sosaria. In many ways the creation of the Hand of Humanis (or H-H for short) allowed for a united focus for war against those organizations. Individual Humanis believers in other guilds would not be allowed to make such a move and thus the creation of a Humanis guild was necessary to physically combat the non-humans. Another point was the creation of a base for the Humanis movement in Magincia which the guild could protect from foreign aggression. This city worked as a testing ground for Humanis ideology as the Co-Prosperity plan was put into effect and rules against non-humans were enacted. Overall the taking of Magincia both helped and crippled H-H and Humanis in general as the movement had to focus upon the running of a city and its defence rather than remaining on the offensive against non-human influences. On the other hand the acceptance of H-H into the regency did much to remove the influence of the elven conspiracy from Loyalist ranks, an act which would not have been possible had there been no Humanis guild.

In essence it can be stated that the creation of the Hand of Humanis was a necessary step in the right direction. One can then ask the question of why disband it? The answer lies in the fact that the Hand of Humanis was so successful that all organized non-human based guilds were beaten into submission and have since gone into hiding or disbanded. There are few to no guilds run and solely occupied by the inferior races in these present times so there is no need to have an army. Add to that the fact that most of the members of the guild have entered blissful retirement and the reason for disbanding becomes all the more clear. The greatest reason in favour of disbanding is that an idea can not be killed while a guild can be broken and corrupted. In the future there may not be another Humanis guild, instead there will be those who from their guilds hold fast to the truth Humanis represents. This is a time to go back to the start, to the pure belief of Humanis. It is no longer about a guild, but the individual and humanity’s place in history. 
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