The Trial of
           Moonglow Vs Teflon Billy
Yew Court officials:
From left to right: Valera the Barrister, Elon, Dyannae and Tinkerbelle the judges.
The trial of Teflon Bill was one for the record books. Quite possibly the most entertaining trial in recent memory it offered both tugged at the heart strings and inspired great moments of reflection. While the history of the case is quite complex most of it centred around Teflon Billy’s supposed act of arson against the tailor shop in Moonglow. The Regency has been in Moonglow recently looking into the actions of the shadowy Yakuza organization and in this backdrop of intrigue and investigation it is believed that Teflon worked on the Yakuza’s side (or for himself) to extort gold from various shops. On the night in question Porthos saw a man who looked like Teflon exit the tailor shop holding explosives, both he and Sanosuke (the father of a girl that was severely burned in the shop) saw a man which looked like Teflon start the fire.

Isk was working for the prosecution and Molly took up Teflon’s cause. In the eyes of many it was another grudge match between Isk and Molly. While Isk took on his self aggrandising approach presenting the case with artistic flare Molly was more calm and deliberate in presenting her case. While Isk worked with the emotion of the crowd by putting the burned child on the stage, bringing up terrible accounts of the event, Molly did her best to keep feelings out of the question, instead focussing on contradictory claims and presenting character witnesses for Teflon.
Teflon took the trial in silence. One could tell from looking at him that he felt genuinely sad by the events. A spectator present in the court room later reflected “Teflon is innocent. It just does not make sense for a man so steeped in virtue to suddenly do something so horrible over night.”
Regardless of such sentiments the honourable judges declared that there was sufficient evidence of Teflon’s guilt. However, Molly’s defence seemed to help Teflon in the end as he was released under the condition that he be barred from going to Moonglow for a period of six months or face serious jail time.
Once the trial ended Sanosuke protested that six months away from Moonglow was hardly the correct sentence to give a man who nearly killed his daughter. While Isk calmed Sanosuke Molly began lobbying for certain matters to be taken into account. The lady of Luna managed to convince the judges to accept future evidence which could clear Teflon’s name.

Teflon has a stain on his reputation that may be hard to erase but several people have offered him signs of support and expressed their belief in his innocence.
It was like a war. Isk advanced and Molly countered at court
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