Fall Festival Joust
by Tinkerbelle, Ace Reporter
The Fall Festival was a huge success. There was a guessing booth for winning guppies, a kissing booth, a pie eating contest, chicken scrapping which was scrapped, and a horse race. There was also a bake off. (Fortunately for this reporter, there were no other contenders, and I won the prize for my enchanted apple cinnamon swirl cake. I also won the booby prize for coming in last in the horse race.)

The highlight of the festival was the Joust. There were 12 contestants -- DesertIce, Roger De Clare, Glory Bladesong, Baby.fox, Keris Kenyrlylth, Ellesbeth, Lia, Dev Xyr'Kor, Cat Lynx, Peter, Porthos, and Rellik.

The first bout between DesertIce and Roger De Clare was won by a forfeit, advancing DesertIce to the second round, as Roger De Clare withdrew himself from the competition.
The second bout was between Glory Bladesong and Lady Baby.fox. The first pass both ladies missed their opponent, so they returned to their marks for another run. On the next run Glory received a warning for walking her mount. The next run both ladies managed to stay on their mounts with Kotare remarking, "These are truly talented ladies." They take two more runs with still no winner. Kotare laughs, "I wonder if these two ladies are glued to their saddles." Finally, Baby.fox knocks Glory Bladesong off her mount and she fell to the ground with a thud.

The third round was between Keris and Ellesbeth. Ellesbeth was no match for Keris. She went tumbling to the ground before she knew what hit her.
The fourth round was between the Lady Regent Lia and Dev Xyr'Kor. She popped such a wallop, she sent them both off to another realm. The silence was deafening. You could hear a pin drop. Porthos stepped on the lone cricket chirping in the background. Once they returned from their "out of body experience" the joust continued. Dev Xyr'Kor walked away with the win.
The fifth round was between the bickering Cat Lynx and Peter. These two had been jousting verbally since the beginning of the tournament with Peter spitting at Cat and Cat poking at him and sticking her tongue out at him. Peter knocked her down and was rebuked by baby.fox for hitting a girl.

The sixth round was between Porthos and Rellik. Rellik swiftly unseated Porthos, sending him hurling to the ground.

Upon completion of these initial rounds, the first round eliminations began. First up was Ellesbeth and the Lady Regent Lia.
Two brave jousters face off!
Some bickering between some of the waiting contestants was becoming rather loud. Dev Xyr'Kor yelled to Kotare, "if you need another Lady, Peter is ready." Cat started laughing at Peter and mocking "nanner nanner." Peter removed his glove and smacked Dev in the face. Dev removed his metal gauntlets and whacked Peter with them. This seemed to stop the bickering for a while.

Ellesbeth was having difficulty with her horse. It appeared to be nervous and jumping around. It was obvious she was having difficulty controlling her horse and holding onto her lance. She made a valiant effort but was knocked to the ground swiftly by the Lady Regent Lia, remarking as she picked herself up off the ground, "I told you I never did this before." Ellesbeth was eliminated from the competition and Lady Lia moved on to the next round.

Next up was Glory Bladesong and Cat Lynx. Cat kept complaining about her butt being sore. Scribble had to remind Cat to put her cookies away so she could whack Glory. Both ladies ran their horses past their opponent, apparently forgetting to aim their lance at the other. Cat must have been dipping too many of those cookies in wine. Kotare had to remind them, "Ladies, we want someone to fall off. That's how this works." Well, someone fell off, or should we say they both fell off. Everyone was amazed. So, they both had to take one more run at each other. Glory was given a warning for walking her mount (which was her second warning). On their last run, Glory was given her third and final warning, eliminating her from the competition and advancing Cat to the next round.

Next up was Rellik and Peter, starting Round Two. Taking only two passes at each other, Peter knocked Rellik off his mount.

During the event this reporter noticed some strange happenings going on in the audience. Someone had summoned a Demon and was scaring people. Lady Ariel Ashteroth bravely stood up to this person and demanded they refrain from summoning and to remove the beast. The Lady Tatiana Alexi seemed frightened and was whimpering in her seat. This reporter noticed a drow sneaking around. Scribble yelled "I saw ya ya witch! Face me." Ariel comforted Tatiana, who was heard saying "Miss Faith is here. She, she is ever so wicked. She is just so awful." Ariel assured her that she was there and would protect her. Someone else yelled, "Search for Faith." Tatinana Skyfire told Tatiana, "Go back to Sanctus and lock yourself in the barracks." Then the group from Sanctus left saying, "Lets get them quickly."
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