Events and Entertainment
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There have been a great many events in these last two months. It seems that every week something notable happens. Aside from the events featured in this paper here are some events that entertained us:

-Malo’s Holiday Celebration

Malo and his wife Sarah sent out special invites for a friendly get together filled with hours of entertainment and games. The location was so lavishly decorated that one would think Lily Prower had a hand in it but it was none other than Sarah who set up the decoration we all enjoyed. A fair crowd was present and all the chairs in the place seemed occupied. There was a gift exchange and Hugh sang songs to please the hearts of lovers and revellers.
It is rumoured that the man in the red suit even payed a visit.

-Tavern Celebrations

Various taverns have been filled over the last two months with celebrations and conversations happening all over. Hugh’s Garden has had a great flow of business as has the now popular Hans’ Tavern in Sanctus. The adult oriented Odyssey Night Club had a night of music and as expected the Merry Minx held an enjoyable last minute Christmas celebration which from all accounts can only be described as ‘a blast!’ Sadly this reporter missed the event and consequently has experienced many restless nights.
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Q: Why is Santa always happy and jolly?

A: Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.