Angelique Becomes the Patrona of                   Magincia
Let it be known on this day, December 6th, that the House of Isk shall be known as Royal Family of Magincia, as the people of Magincia obviously admire them. Isk will retain the title of Magnate which he has held for over 10 years, Angelique will become the Royal Patrona and will protect the people of Magincia as well as continue to teach her sons to do the same, and so forth to their decedents.

The House of Isk shall henceforth officially be accepted as the Royal Family of Magincia, entrusted with Maginciaís  protection and care,etc..

*signed and sealed*
Lia L
As the fires of a destroyed Humanis began to smolder the Magincians placed their minds on what is to come. Would the people rule themselves or would they hold on to what is comfortable? In no time it became evident that the much beloved family of Angelique, Isk and their children held a special celebrity status and a great majority wished them to stay.

In a surprising move the people looked to Angelique and with her husbandís support the duo lobbied the Regent for permission to remain in the leadership role in Magincia. Angelique has cut many of the Humanis imposed reforms and has opened the city to all friendly hearted visitors regardless of race. Her role as Patrona symbolises her new leadership style, to act as a supporter of local arts and businesses.
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