Return of the Humanis Voice
You better believe it!
The Humanis Voice began over five years ago and has gone through 25 monthly or bimonthly issues. Our goal has always been to bring the glory of humanity to the public. Almost two years ago we broke from the Humanis Voice and undertook a more neutral publication called the Sosarian Voice. The Sosarian Voice detached itself from the Humanis philosophy and brought with it a new batch of ideas. It was open for reporters to submit their publications and saw a wide distribution among, dare we say it, even nonhumans and for almost two years it was well circulated and successful. All of that is over now. We will not pull our punches and play the neutral game now that we are back.

Having broken free of the Regency, having broken free of the falsehoods of human and nonhuman friendships, having broken free of neutrality we place our feet upon the path history has always intended for humanity to walk. The Humanis Voice, much like the Manifesto of the Human Nation, will shout the truth of nonhuman inferiority from the ramparts. The evil schemes of the elves will be brought to light, we will name all villains and elevate the heroes of humanity every time we publish a new issue. Glory be to Humanity!
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