Elven Heritage?
Since the elves have come into our land in greater number our place in the realm is threatened.

When Heartwood was discovered the second wave of Elves hit our glorious realm. The daemonic gears of the Elven Conspiracy turned and the elves brought with them new tools to destroy us and make us elven slaves. They came to us as friends and flaunted new weapons, armour, and trinkets magically altered for only their foul blooded kin to use in an effort to make us jealous. So enthralled were we by the second wave of the pointed eared ones that some of us misguided humans searched for ways to become elves ourselves. These unfortunate betrayers to the species of humanity took quests to embrace their “elven heritage” they traded in the beautiful shaded skin of our race and turned themselves into blue skinned, pointy eared and bright haired monsters. And I ask what sort of heritage is this that they have taken up? What sort of logical being would move from a race that lives in homes of stone to one that lives atop of trees like monkeys? What sort of person would go from wearing plate to wearing a suit of leaves? From riding atop horses to riding atop dogs?

The minute the elves came down from their trees to infiltrate our society the power and stability of our realm was shaken. Now there are elves everywhere and it is sickening. An elf should never be in a position to dictate to a human what he or she should do, an elf should never be in a position of leadership or prestige PERIOD. Lord British himself said that this land was built by virtue and human hands but now that our great lord and Philosophe is gone we have begun to see elves infiltrate the governments of the cities. They tell us “This is how Lord British would have wanted things” I tell them they are full of it!

Any human working underneath an elf should reevaluate his or her situation. It is not a crime to kill a monster nor is it a crime for a human to kill an elf, or an orc or dwarf or any other thing detached from humanity.
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