Taking Appart the Consensus
A Look into Alliance Trends
Talon Skyfire, noted lover of elves and husband to a feiry creature is one of the leaders of the Consensus.
The Consensus is a curious alliance. Supposedly formed in order to combat the growing threat of the Shadow Conclave, in truth it is nothing short of a tool of the Elven Conspiracy. One need not look further than the leadership of the Consensus in order to see that the agenda of the inferior races is what is important. The elven witch duchess Molly along with Talon, a noted elf lover and husband to a fairy, have secured half of Malas and have begun to absorb nations outside of their traditional sphere of influence into themselves. The possibility of the Consensus spilling over into Trammel is very real in the coming future if it has not already happened.

What keeps these guilds together? Is it the leadership skill or an elf and an elf lover? No. What keeps the Consensus together is the threat the Shadow Conclave presents. It is very likely that while the Shadow Conclave continues to attack the Consensus the Consensus will feed on that energy and expand with relative security. Should the Shadow Conclave break apart or disappear all together the result will be that the Consensus, for lack of enemies will begin to acquire the same problems that have faced the Regency for years.

In essence the internal workings of the Consensus must be similar to those of other large alliances such as the Regency. Titles and positions are handed out without much meaning or actual power in order to satisfy minor members of the alliance while the true power and authority lies in the hands of the alliance leaders, in this case Molly and Talon. As minor guilds and members start to catch on that they are in truth just being used to expand the agenda of the alliance leaders they inevitably demand greater voice or threaten to leave, this is true with regards to any alliance in times of peace.

The only way the Consensus can hold on to member guilds that threaten to leave is to give them greater voice. The Consensus is thus destined to become more of an oligarchy where guild leaders have a vote on policy. This in itself is destructive. As has occurred to the Regency in the past, when groups of people with votes sit at the same table voting alliances begin to form in order to pass policy. Large guilds begin to resent smaller guilds for having the same say and the alliance breaks into factions. A time inevitably comes in which an ultimatum is presented by one angry voting alliance which results in that chunk or another chunk of guilds leaving. 

In conclusion the survival ability of the Consensus depends on Talon and Molly keeping it in a constant state of war. While this state of war continues the sinister pair leads the Consensus onto domination and expansion all in the name of creating a coalition to battle the Shadow Conclave.
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