A Speech Given by Thraxanduril at the Town Square in Yew:

The Rape of Felucca
                                                           -Thrax as Author
"As a child growing up in Yew I learned early the meaning of survival.  Back then there was much to fear from the perpetual orc raids and wars of domination.  In between, there was suffering and hardship caused by the internal squabbling of petty rulers and faction leaders, all of which kept the people down, their lives in danger, and their pockets empty.  We had to fight, not just for bread but to stay alive.  Life was cheap and living was a struggle.  It took many years, many lives, but eventually strong hands and stout hearts forged a decent livelihood from the darkness and chaos that was Felucca.
And just when things were looking up, the King, as he titled himself, had his trusty mage build a device that created Trammel, a mirror image of Felucca except for laws which made survivability much more assured.  Thence did many go, and we Feluccans were left as orphaned children, to fend once again for ourselves in a hostile world.

But they returned, did they not?  Aye, and they keep coming back... not to live or build, or even bring direction or aid, but to rape it---of its wealth, its beauty, its natural resources.  Like swarms of parasitic insects they come, taking only what they can get from us, with contempt for us, without concern or pity that we need all of what we have merely to survive!  And they lay it all out in their shops in Luna!

To that I say... enough!
And now a new self-styled king has arisen, one chosen by the very leaders of those who oppress us, the nobles, not the people, of Trammel and Luna and Tokuno.  He reaches toward us with the tentacles and the insatiable hunger of a slavering kraken to prop up illegitimate regimes that govern such towns as our beloved Yew.  Not content with ruling Trammel and its vassals, he has turned his covetous gaze to our lands, meaning to enforce his will and that of his lackeys upon us.

To that I say... let them try!

As for the Regency, it is Trammel's rightful government, and although it also has left us largely to ourselves, it has never shown any desire to force its rule upon us, nor prop up petty tyrants to do its bidding at our expense!  They are content with their lands in Trammel and so I say, let them have them!!  We want nothing, we ask for nothing!  The very light of Trammel is an offense to us, and its name every much a stink in our nose as ours is in theirs!

To them all I say... begone!!!

Leave us alone!  Take your slaves:  miners, lumberjacks, and hunters from our midst forever!  Bandits and pillagers all!  Go back to Trammel to live and die there as that was the choice you made ages ago!

And if they will not listen, if they persist in their brigandage and pillage, then retribution shall come upon them as surely as the dawn and as swift as an eagle into to their own lands!  For we shall never stop until every vestige of their power is broken and their grip of Felucca is released!

Felucca shall be free!!

That is not just our dream, it is our goal!"
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