What is Moonglow's
- By Unknown
The Island of Moonglow has always been an anomaly in the sphere of politics. Since GreyPawn declared war on the Regency on a mad quest to summon the Avatar using the three items of virtue, to Moonglow's struggle to reclaim itself with the aide of Sanctus, Moonglow has always shook things up. So now Moonglow is causing tons of trouble just by being unreliable.

First they did not help the Regency at all during the wars with the Dark Order. Moonglow instead of helping its allies decided to make a pact with Tarothin promising mutual nonaggression. What a dangerous move that was for them to have done, especially since Yolen is from Moonglow and also a member of the Governor Regent's inner circle. Must make for awkward meetings.

Secondly I heard that they want to claim Nujel'm. Right out of the blue they want to claim Nujel'm. I wonder what reasons they have for this. It is a scary thing to think about since Moonglow has a pretty strong army. If Moonglow wanted to they could cause the Protectorate military problems. If they did go to war with the Protectorate over Nujel'm they would be doing just what they did years ago, kicking the strongest power in the face.

Let us all cross our fingers and hope Moonglow smartens up SOON because they are a Protectorate ally!
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