News From Around The Realm
Moonglow Tavern Night A Huge Success!

he tavern night in Moonglow saw record turnout for a tavern event, attended mostly by light-bringers and members affiliated with the Protectorate the event also saw members of the Northland Republic present in great numbers. The place was so packed that many found themselves outside talking and eating from the well prepared foods that sat out for the enjoyment of over forty event goers. Special thanks go to Yolen and Fong who played good hosts.

<--A late hour picture of the event when the crowd was starting to thin.   
The Patrona Is Back

Having spent many weeks among the displaced citizens of Magincia the Patrona has returned to the public eye and taken her spot along side Isk, her husband. Upon Angelique's return Isk and Angelique's twin sons, Athlon and Auris were sent out to the gypsy camps in Ilshenar where the Magincian citizens live in humble tents until they can return to their city. We are all very excited about the return of Angelique and hope that she can help lead us into a brighter future.

An oil and watercolour painting of Angelique, our Patrona -->
Umbra Valentines Day Tavern Night

The Den of Sin, located just west of Umbra, was the place of a fun and exciting Valentines Day Event. While held on territory most would consider evil there were many from all over the realm to see what entertainment the Matriarch had planned. Many laughed and shook their heads at the riskily named food and drink items on the Valentines menu but even with this there was scarcely a soul that did not eat or drink something to celebrate this night of love. A dating game was had and dancers took to the pole increasing the cheer of the place. Festivities lasted well into the night and there is no doubt that scores of children will be born months from now as a result of this event.
Dark Order Betrayed - Retreats From Holdings
The Dark Order, once the most threatening force in the realm has been betrayed by an internal conspiracy. Now Vaen has claimed Minoc for himself and Beowulf has claimed Vesper in a coalition that is called the Northland Republic. Shortly after this a handful of Dark Order soldiers from high ranks switched sides to the Northland Republic, a deed that shows a lack of honor. Unwilling to fight for his justly won claims, Tarothin and the Dark Order have retreated to Cove, no doubt influenced by the threats from Governor Regent Adrien Garnier, Tarothin has made no aggressions since. The Dark Order remains strong and active in Cove.

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