Our Noble Race
When Humanity walked the realm as the first sentient creation we understood that all that was to come into existence was to be ruled by us. And so the creator gave us the physical characteristics of nobility and power. Our hair grows from our head and chin like the noble lion, our eyes are sharp like the eagle and our voice gains the attention of all like the howl of a wolf.
When the elves were made the evil that made them gave them the beauty of a swan but they also inherited the frailty of that creature. They gave them height like long necked crane but made them just as easy to fall. They gave elves the charm of a snake and this is the one weapon they have used against us to perfection. With their smiles and deceitful eyes the elves trap our noble race in a trance that they call love or friendship. Many noble humans have stood entranced by elven snakes that spun lies around them, unable to feel the constricting grip until they were left within nothing to their name and the elf left with everything like a raven escaping with stolen loot.
The drow were built even worse than this. Created by a bitch in a den of spiders they lived underground like worms fighting each other only to surface to carry off with children like laughing hyenas for their infernal sacrifices.
So backwards is this race that they are even ruled by their women, like the widow spider. They deserve nothing more than to be stepped on.

The evil thing that made the orcs gave them all the features of a beast and made them even worse than drow. The aggression of gorillas, the intelligence of pigs, orcs know nothing other than war and gluttony for all they do is kill and drink. In all the haste to make a killer their creator gave them no repentant qualities. It is the sacred duty of our noble race to destroy these creatures.

We are truly the lions of the jungle that is Sosaria. Our rule is supreme. While there are pockets where snakes, gorillas and spiders may reign…they scatter at our approach for they know the pecking order.
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