Magincia Rising
Magincia is rising out of the rubble it lied under for the past four months. With wood coming in from King Sid of Yew and ore from the Regency the city of Pride is slowly building its economic potential. Within a few weeks Magincia will have a merchant fleet capable to sending out our diamonds in return for much needed goods and thereby creating the conditions for a recreation of the city. The ore has been smelted and converted into a new coinage system which is now revealed, these coins come in three forms: gold, silver and copper, and shall replace the standard coinage for all official Magincian dealings. They are as follows:
The Gold Sovereign, also known as the Magnate or the Patrona Coin is made of pure gold. On the obverse is the likeness of Isk and on the reverse is Angelique. It is a rare coin and occupies the highest degree of worth.

The Silver Shilling, also known as the Twins Coin is made of pure silver. On the obverse is the likeness of Auris and on the reverse is Athlon. Ten Silver Shillings is the equivalent of one Golden Sovereign.

The Copper piece, also known as the House Coin is made of pure copper. On the obverse is the image of the flaming gauntlet of Humanis and on the reverse is the symbol of the House of Isk
On the subject of the condition of Magincia itself, the debris is starting to be cleared. Though much of the rubble has joined with the sandstone streets due to the intense heat that came from the light daemons the removal of rubble has begun. At present Arella, the daughter of Isk, and her handmaiden Lizuca, are taking charge of clearing the rubble from Magincia’s streets. It is estimated that within a year the city will be clear of debris.

The wheel of time has come full circle. Magincia has started to rise once more.
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