The Protectoate
A Humanis Perspective
It is no fancy of the imagination to claim that the Human race is one that is destined to rule. Therefore when Adrien took up the crown of the Protectorate it did not come as a surprise to use that I, a Magincian was chosen as his Chancellor. For the first time in many years a vast majority of the land is united under a single human leader and the die hard followers of the Humanis ideology can see the coming of Year Zero upon the horizon. We are walking upon the correct path.
When, on the other hand, I look at the humans that are not involved in our Protectorate, I am obliged to say: They were simply asleep while this triumph was taking in Nujel'm. Even today they refuse to grasp it. They do not realize what we are, nor do they realize what they themselves are. They go on like Justice, with blindfolded eyes. They do not grasp the destiny Humanity is embarked upon. They do not realize that the creation of the Protectorate created something new and tremendous for our race. We are fully conscious of the fact that the Regency, when their assumption of power occurred years ago, occurred with less human involvement and therefore less divine blessing than with the Protectorate. This Protectorate is what Dayel's elf corrupted Regency should have been. There cannot be the slightest doubt that the bond uniting the Protectorate is great, and especially the bond uniting Adrien and myself. There is no doubt in my mind that his bond will tighten as we string a noose around the necks of our enemies which reside outside the lands of the Protectorate.
Personally I have no eye for personal gain. I am not a killer and consequently not a warmonger. I am but a man who hopes that, at least after his death, common justice will concede that the struggle of his whole life served a single great ideal: that being the rise of the Human race and the decline of the insidious inferior races. I wish to display no faltering in this matter.
While we proclaim the creation of the Protectorate as the best possible thing to happen for our race we can not state that our ideas are their ideas. There are minor races and inferiors that fight and die of the Protectorate and this can not be disputed, so long as they continue to fight and die they can not be faulted.

These are the words of Isk, Magnate of Magincia
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