Is Necromancy Evil?
(Untitled Article by Unknown Author)
The supposed evils of necromancy are far blown out of proportion. After spending time in Moonglow, I have come to respect how some members of the Council practice the art for the sake of good. After observing them, I began to critically think about why I considered necromancy evil, and I briefly studied each spell. I discovered most of the spells either curse, are polymorphic or are offensive, much like with magery. I realized necromancy is an art and a tool, and just like any other art or tool it is only as evil as the practitioner. One could use magery to light cities aflame or plague the countryside with fields of poison, or even go as far as to summon demons to this plane! There have been many wicked individuals who have committed heinous acts against human kind with both the sword and the arcane, what makes necromancy so different?

My conclusion is the movement against necromancy is nothing but elven propaganda. Elves are arrogant creatures that see themselves as "caretakers" of all life. In other words, they believe they own humanity and know what's "best" for us. Necromancy is a school of magic that is so far removed from elven ideals that they have no control over it, they fear it. They fear losing control of humanity, and fear us learning by ourselves and make decisions on our own. As proof, just look at the major voices against necromancy, the Sanctans and those living in that area. There are many elves within their ranks, and an old elf with political sway living not too far from them. I have been to Sanctus on a few occasions and have always been impressed by the kindness of the humans there, they are good people who have simply fallen to the elves' silver tongue. I warn all of us to think for ourselves and to make our own decisions, I fear a future where elven sway has corrupted even more governments and reduced our basic rights to that of cattle.

I do not want to give my name, as I do not want to cause a stir among those I would consider friends, especially Sanctus. I simply wish bring awareness to what might be a larger issue at hand, the beginnings of elves manipulating our free society.
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