The Governor-Regent Addresses to Magincia and Humanity

My brothers and sisters in humanity, first let me begin by thanking you for your constant support and efforts that have been instrumental in the forming of the Britannian Protectorate and my subsequent election .As many of you know, I myself am a native Magincian who's family line far-extends into the past of our proud and magnificent island.
Let me take this opportunity to formally tell you all that the most recent sufferings of our mutual home-land has weighed heavy on my conscience as I know it has all of yours. With the esteemed Magnate at my side and continuing support from you my co-patriots we shall see a more glorious, more beautiful, stronger and peaceful Magincia arise from the ashes of the Daemonic assaults.
Unlike governments of the past, who ignored, hated and feared mighty Magincia, and who in your hour of need abandoned you, We are with you! 
Several lines from an editorial I read in this very paper as a boy comes to mind:

"Strife breeds and destroys. For when there was the one lord, British was opposed by Blackthorn who quarrelled with ideology. Land was united under divine rule, corruption was held at bay and pure virtue shined like the light of the architect yet there still was conflict."
-The Humanis Voice Volume Eight.

For the first time since the great Philosopher-King undertook his great journey, and Lord Stormcrow of great esteem took on the mantle of governance has such a vast, powerful and orderly government, dedicated to the ideals of Philosopher-King held such sway and maintained such unity. I, by the authority granted to me by the people resolve to reunify and maintain the Kingdom of Britannia as our Philosopher-King so desired! As our Philosopher-King so demanded!
And to you my human brothers and sisters in the refugee camps, how blessed are we. For now, the resilience, the determination and the adaptability that has always been a constant virtue of our one humanity can be realized and displayed for all Sosaria to witness. Your must and you shall rebuild! The full force of the Britannian Protectorate, on the honor of myself, Our Philosopher-King and the Virtues shall assist you, and together Magincia shall rise again!

Humanity! I implore you…support the Britannian Protectorate will all you strength, wisdom and power! Let every man, woman and child do what they must not only for the own, but for Magincia, but for the State!

Always remember, Your Governor-Regent is no foreign despot, no insidious friend of Necromancer and Orc…your Governor-Regent is a Magincian.
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