Reflections on humanity...
By: Helper of Humanity
Perfection. Happiness. Knowledge. Unity.
The Philosophe shall provide us with each of these and much more. No one knows the day of his arrival. No where is it written that he will appear on a said day. What we do know is that he will arrive.
Hope. Anticipation. Excitement.
That is what fills the hearts and minds of those still loyal and active in the Humanis cause. Everyday we awaken to the hope that the Philosophe will be revealed, and Humanity can finally break free of the tyranny and chains of the non-human races.

Disappointment. Despair. Sadness. Fear.
The feeling that overcomes you as each day comes to an end without the return of the Philosophe. It is the knowledge that for another day, the human race will have to endure another day of tyranny and oppression from the lesser races.

How much longer will Humanity have to endure these hardships? Will they make us stronger in the end? The questions will continue to mount until the day of the Philosophe's arrival. On that joyous day, our questions will be answered. Let us pray that day is soon.

Humanity will continue on. Her spirit is unbreakable.

For Humanity!
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