Dark Order's Conquests
An old power has stirred in our land, one that the people of Sosaria have felt before in ages past. The throne of Armun is once again occupied by the dread warlord Tarothin and the Lich Lord Darrien stands at his side. The evil lord of Dark Cove has stretched his arm outwards and his armies have rallied to sally out of their ancestral lands to bring the neighbouring lands under their order.

ith their then allies the House of Isk playing minor roles in the battles the Dark Order spread past the forest that guards Vesper and into the city itself, claiming it as their protected land. News of this conquest spread into Trammel and the surrounding areas which resulted in random small battles involving the Minoc based Northern Militia and the Dark Order. Angry that anyone would block his progress Tarothin and the Dark Order initiated a campaign against Minoc.

In the first battle for Minoc the Dark Order and House of Isk stormed in only to be faced with barricades and well placed archer defenders. Malo’s alliance and the Northern Militia picked off the attackers one by one. To finish off the victory Sanctus was gated into the area and began to make sweeps of the Minoc forest to clear off any survivors from the Dark Order.
Upon acquiring new muscle Tarothin and his offspring co-ruler made themselves doubly prepared for conquest. With only a few days passing the dark host of soldiers holding the standard of Armun broke through Minoc barricades and very quickly put an end to outside resistance. So complete was the slaughter that the House of Isk agreed to stay out of future conquests on the side of the Dark Order for the effort of Magincians could better be placed to serve their own city.

Now that the Dark Order holds Cove, Vesper and Minoc they have access to a functioning moongate. With this in their possession they can move to attack any city. No one is safe from this unstoppable force of oblivion.
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