Ramses takes the Throne
The line of the Regent continues onward pressing against the increasing resistance of Sosarians. It takes no expert to realize that the Regency has been in a downward spiral since Kronos resigned.  the realm.
In essence non-involvement in battles, world politics and the limited amount of aide the Regency has offered to peoples in need have severly diminished the reputation of the crown in the realm.
he recent rise of Ramses from the Hand of Ra may change the Regency freefall though this is debatable. No Humanis scholar will have you believe that a nonhuman is capable of running an alliance of any merit or longevity. In every corner people are debating how long Ramses will last. With the tiny size of the Regency many think that the newly forming Protectorate will overshadow and swallow up the tiny Regency. Needless to say Regent Ramses has his work cut out for him. It is an uphill battle, one that not to many will be willing to help the Regency battle. We can only hope that the Regency survives so that it may one day be run by a human lord like our great Philosophe Lord British.
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