Moving Forward

When we see or hear that word, we think of the negative aspects of the word.
Changes bring something different. Something that differs from the norm that we have become accustomed to.

Changes can bring good things as well. Many years ago, a wise, well respected man of Magincia named Drake Wyntermore, began to suggest change.

This change differed from the norm that existed in Magincia at the time. Magincia, the Great City of Humanity, at the time, was a sanctuary for humans young and old alike to go and prosper. Humanity was the key part of the make up of the city. It was actually the only part of the city's make up.

Wyntermore began to speak of a radical idea at the time. The idea was that of progression. It was time for Magincia to move forward. The years of peace from disallowing the lesser races access to the city had been good, but they also left the people lacking. Wyntermore believed that if the people of Magincia were allowed to interact with beings of lesser race, they would be able to better themselves for when the day of the Philosophe arrived. His idea was deemed extreme at the time and tossed aside by the people of Magincia.

This idea has not died off though. This current idea is very much alive, in of all places, Moonglow. The current Mayor of Moonglow believes in the idea that Wyntermore once championed as the next progression in the ways of Humanis. To walk in Moonglow is to experience a mixture of all sorts of races and beliefs. Does this mean he does not still believe in the Humanis ideal that Humanity is the supreme race that wanders Sosaria? The answer to that question is no. What it does mean is that as Wyntermore once suggested, there is an acceptance of the other races. They are considered useful and important to the way of life in not only Moonglow, but in Humanity's quest of betterment.

To sit by and claim that the lesser races are not of value is lunacy. Humanity must stay on path and progress in order to stay as the supreme race of Sosaria. We must stay moving forward...

--===Humanity's Helper===--
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