The Protectorate
A new alliance system has begun to form spanning the foreign lands of the orientals to Malas and Trammel. The Protectorate as it is called is based on the Regency in many ways, the most notable of which is a love for the first Regent. While the number of people who have actually seen Lord Dayel run the Regency can be counted on a few fingers the simple mention of the pointlessly famous first Regent has brought many into the fold of this Protectorate.

From what can be gathered the Protectorate will be very ‘Regency like.’ It will include a Regent like head, as well as familiar Regency titles such as Chancellor, Chamberlain, Justicar and Ambassador. This can lead one to believe that the Protectorate will be very top heavy, with many leaders and few followers. Observers point to this as one of many factors which has caused the Regency so much strain.

udging from the past we can conjecture that there will be a strong race for the main leadership title. In the past Sid, Molly, Gailan and various others declared for running but this time around it will likely be Molly, Gailan and likely someone from the Tokuno islands since that demographic seems to be heavy in the fledgling Protectorate. While Isk has been approached to join the Magnate has remained tight lipped over the subject of running for the leadership role. We will have to see how things pan out during the first meeting of the Protectorate on the 13th of this month.
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