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Engagement Met With Outrage

The marriage announcement of Malic Míreal Skyfire and Lady Temptation Waits was met with strong opposition by the nobility of Sanctus, mainly King Talon Skyfire. While a few others have tossed their opinions around, Talon has ruthlessly denied all title and refuses to acknowledge any marriage that might take place between the two individuals. This is a classic story of love between feuding houses and while it is not desirable for followers of Humanis to see a human marry and elf it will be interesting to watch where this story is going. Can an engagement survive so much external pressure? Only time will tell.
Blood Rains on the Lycaeum

The sudden and unexpected attack carried out by Beowulf and members of the Moonglow Town Council upon the Dark Order, Umbra and House
of Isk alliance met with the destruction of the largest army of opression ever gathered. The result of this was the end of a ritual which was being conducted by the Lich Lord on the Magnate. When the ritual was interupted the skies turned red and blood ran down upon the victors and losers leaving many to wonder what would have happened had the ritual been successful
Where is the Patrona?

The wife of Isk, Mother of seven and Patrona of Magincia has become elusive since having taken the Hand of Evil out of Magincia. Some in Magincia refugee camp claim to have seen her carring bread to the homeless citizens while others swear on seing a gypsy with flowers in her hair shifting through the rubble of the defeated city. It has been many months since she carried out official duties and the grief striken Isk has been unable to pick up the pieces on his own. Angelique if you are reading this we hope you return as qucikly as you can to bring us some stability.
Northern Militia in Hiding?

With the crushing defeat of all resistance in Minoc the once visible Northern Militia has become less visible. Speculation runs rampant in the camp of the Magincian refugees. Has the Northern Militia found a new home elsewhere? Have they gone underground in Minoc to hide and bruild up an insurgency? We suspect that the war for Minoc is not even close to being finished.

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