The Philosophe
A glance into Humanis philosophy
We wait for the coming of the Philosophe. Already the world which we inhabit has felt the rule of two paragons of humanity, Lord British the virtue maker and Lord Mondain the world shaper. These god like humans brought the world into order and ruled every corner absolutely. They were the first Philosophes, the first singular human born rulers of all the world. With the absence of Lord British and some would say even during his last few sad years in Sosaria the inferior races have begun to gather more power onto themselves.
While it would be pointless to list all the crimes the inferior elves committed through their Heralds of the Awakening proxies the nonhuman races have been systematically making things more difficult for the creation of a single human ruler by making themselves into the leaders of mightly alliances. Through dark elven conspiracies elves with their tricks and exotic appearance made humans marry them, they infiltrated noble bloodlines and diminished the worth of Sosaria’s upper classes to the point that nobility means nothing anymore.

Even though the inferior races have done this to humanity we will still have a Philosophe. Every member who professes to practice the Humanis teachings believes that it is human destiny that a Philosophe will rise out of the turmoil of our times. Khay'Thall himself has said that the Philosophe is already born, he must simply be discovered. The Philosophe will personify the best of our noble race and destroy the might of the minor races. The elven tree city will be made to burn and the weak races will be taken from the positions they have stolen from us. By the grace of our Philosophe
nonhuman filth will be sent back to primitivism, exiled to the tribal lands of Delucia where they can fight for our scraps. Meanwhile under the Philosophe humanity will enter a golden age never seen before.
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