An Interview with Isk
(Conducted during the Magincia invasion)
Alessandra in pink. Isk in yellow
I know you are a very busy man, with the invasion of your home, so I have taken the liberty to put together some questions for you to answer as you have time.
Many see you as a dictator and a humanist. How would you describe yourself?
Isk places his hand over his heart before stating. "I am as much a dictator as any other king or duke is a dictator of the lands he owns. I am a husband, a father, a Magnate and a follower of the Humanis way, I believe in the removal of elves from our realm and favour a return to a pure human Sosaria. In this regard I describe myself as a busy man" he adjusts his mask.

What are your thoughts on the current events in your beautiful city of Magincia?
"While I will not speak on why the daemons are invading my city I will state that I am devastated by the loss of all our history. How can people have pride in a pile of rubble? It pains me."
Isk, the Magnate of Magincia  holding the Helm of Evil
So why do you think they chose your city over all others to invade?
He raises his voice in anger "Next question!"

Were all of the citizens able to be evacuated or were there many casualties?
"My wife, Angelique, has evacuated most of the citizens. Unfortunately some that opted to stay were killed while others continue to hold the line. They will be remembered."

What will you do when and if this invasion destroys your entire city?
"If Magincia is destroyed the only option left to us would be to rebuild. Magincia has been our home for many years" Isk's gaze looks distant as if in deep thought "we have been there through the ups and the downs. Since we own nearly all the houses on the island we are not going anywhere. We will rebuild."

Some are concerned by the writings that they have found within your houses in Magincia... can you explain those?
"I trust you mean the Humanis Manifesto, the most circulated book next to Lord British’s ‘Virtue’. My books and the works that make up the Humanis belief are the heart and soul of the human spirit. Only elves and the other inferior races have reason to be concerned because the gauntlet of humanity will inevitably descend on their heads." he hits his fist against his palm

What would you say your greatest accomplishment has been?
"My greatest accomplishment is building a large family with Angelique. Together we made Magincia an influential and active city, continuing the tradition the Hand of Humanis put in place. Most recently my life goal of unifying the Hand of Evil armour has come to fruition, but I can not go into further detail on that. What is your next question?"

Who or what has been your biggest influence for you? Is there anyone or anything you view as a threat?
Isk leans in and gestures as he speaks "I am influenced by both Lord British and Mondain. Both had vision and both excelled at what ever they did, much as I excel in everything I do. In regard to threats, aside from the daemons that are devastating my family’s city I consider all non-humans to be inferior and a threat to human destiny."

Is there anything that you would like people to know about you Lord Isk, that you think perhaps people do not know?
There is nothing else that I would like to divulge. Now leave.
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